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Thread: Project Underway

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    Project Underway

    Although my overall plan is to make an RS200 replica I feel this is more suited to this part of the forum as the Replica Kit Stage is estimated 3-5yrs away.

    So the chassis I require for the final project is the Mk3 Roadster, which hasn't been sourced yet but I have been looking but not seen the right one for right budget yet. I'm in no rush at all, that might even wait till Winter when the prices are a little less.

    As for the Engine that is now in progress after talking to Paul W, I too like many other have opted to go down the V6 route claiming a 1MZ-FE from a Lexus RX300, I removed the engine a couple of weeks ago and dumped it in my shed on a dolly. Until today where it has took pride of place on my new shiny engine stand.

    I'm going to clean and remove bits I don't need from the engine but the final conversion and engine rebuild is going to be left to Paul when it happens as I probably won't be ready till early next year, but in the meantime if I see any parts that will help the project they may be purchased as we go along.

    Hoping to have running V6 on the road by April next year, then think about extra's such as a cage, coil-overs etc, then probably drive it like that for a couple of years (not everyday driver) then make the decision if it stays how it is or becomes the Replica.

    Must say a big THANK YOU to Paul even at this stage, he's been a great help and always willing answer questions even when I'm sure he's very busy.

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    Oh yeah- you're in good hands now! Best of luck to you.

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    Do the replica! I love mine, it gets loads of positive reactions on the road; never, ever, a negative one :D

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    There was one being sold on fb in Orange primer a banham based on a maestro or was it montego.
    Lots of daft people knocking it and saying it's not like the real thing blah blah blah, bet they can't get close to buying a real one like the 222b mr2 rally car zero chance of owning an original but a rep would do me Down to a T .
    I like reps just don't try and pass them off as the real thing and isn't copying an icon like the shelby Cobras a good thing I don't hear people moaning about nearly all these being replicas.
    One of my customers is having a custom made c type in alloy with an original racing engine so it looks like an original it has all the mechanics of the original and nobody bats an eye lid.

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    Yeah, Banham ones were Maestro based (what ever possessed him?!), there are some nice ones about.
    I believe it must have a bit of 'go' to go with the 'show'. I prefer to think of mine as a 'tribute' rather than a replica. In my opinion, a replica would be 100% accurate in every detail (wiring looms, transmission, trim). Which would cost more than a real one!

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    Project Underway

    I had a go in a real one in the late 80s early 90s a customer bought one and let me have a go with him in the passenger seat, we went from willmslow to Prestbury along some good twisty back roads with his mate following in an Alfa rz convertible think it was the only one in the uk, I didn't get to play in that one as I scared the shit out of the customer and myself as it was a full on rally spec rs200 clutch was either off or on but it gripped the road like shit to a blanket.

    Oh and level of trim was nearly fuck all just your basics for £25k

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    Quote Originally Posted by WholeDamnThing View Post
    Hoping to have running V6 on the road by April next year,
    Is it alive???

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    Bloody hell, only just realised I'd not replied in my own thread. Unfortunately not alive had a busy couple of years (Unwell missus, OK now) and lack of funds, but hoping to start the ball rolling again this year.

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