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Thread: Bringing My Roadster Back To Life

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    Bringing My Roadster Back To Life

    I've copy and pasted a bit of background about the car below as most of you guys won't know me or the car

    Some of you may already know this car but I'm sure most wont so heres a little bit of its background in my ownership

    I bought the car in early 2010 as a daily to replace my company car that wasn't being replaced due to the recession. Bought it so I didn't have to use my mk2 tubby and it was going to stay standard

    As I bought it

    After a couple of months or so I found that the car suffered the old oval bore syndrome so I took it off the road to have the engine rebuilt.. Once the engine was back in the car and I was using it more I started to really love it, so I decided to do a bit of tidying up and light modding :D This included TRD front lip to match the sides and rear, new exhaust, koni adjustables, new wheels and tyres, TRD upper bracing, Cusco under bracing front middle and rear, Polybush kit, hard top, and various other bits and bobs

    Car ended up looking like this

    After a small time it seems that I was never using my tubby so I decided to sell it and turbo my mk3 :D So I managed to get my hands on a second hand C2 turbo kit and got that fitted :)

    The car ran at around 200bhp ish for a while and I upgraded everything on the kit over time, including the turbo and exhaust and I had crower cams fitted. I'd also bought upgrade parts like Apexi PFC, charge cooler, bigger injectors for bigger power. Until early last year when I got a little bored of it and sold the engine and turbo kit on

    JAE 2012 with El Creation front bumper

    I then got talking to GeorgeL and ended up buying his mk2 turbo which I'd wanted since first seeing it in 2008 lol so the mk3 got washed and put in the corner at work under cover until a couple of weeks ago :D

    I got myself a standard 1zz engine and pulled the car out and started working on it.. Over the christmas period we weren't too busy at work so I managed to replace both hand brake cables (which I bought about 2 years ago). I also got the box attached to the engine and into the car on all 4 mounts.. I'm a few pipes and bits missing which should be here today so I can crack on when I get time :D

    How it stood earlier this year

    Managed to get the few bits I was missing last week and I got chance to spend a bit of time on the car yesterday..

    Fitted the offside driveshaft with carrier, Finished off the water pipe work, fitted the fuel line, air box and pipe work, battery carrier, heat sheilds and finished off plugging the loom in. Also put the new gear oil in :)

    Also got my exhaust manifold on with new studs, got the Nur Spec hanging on the rubbers and connected to the cat :)

    Just need to fill and bleed the coolant, connect the cat to the manifold, fit the ecu and battery and turn the key and see what happens lol.. Once I know everything is tickety boo I'll do a bit of tidying up in the engine bay :)

    Finished off the bits mentioned above a couple of months ago...

    Which brings me to yesterday when I picked this little package up

    It was a Woodsport conversion into a mk2 so I have a bit of modification to do to get it into my roadster :D

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    Best thing to do fit the v6 stand back enjoy the vsexiness

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    Nice Intro Vinny and nice to see you again matey :thumbsup:

    The more I see them the more I'm getting to like the mk3s, that's a very nice example you have there.


    “Where I'm going is not nearly as important as what I'm driving to get there.”
    ― Jay Leno

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