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Thread: My MR2 TO F355 Conversion

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    My MR2 TO F355 Conversion

    Hello im new to the site but thought id post up a thread of my f355 kit car build sp here we go.
    So to start with i was a tight ass and brought rubbish mounds none of it matches lol so mass fibreglassing to do.

    Heres my donor car a 2.0 3sge gt

    Front end nice and easy to bolt on just needs lining up

    Few pics of how the back started out

    Moulds were terrible had to dry fit them then cut them to bits and start again.

    Using a ford seirra Petrol flat as there easy to adapt.

    Next problem the boot sits to high and to far back.

    So guess what we had to cut it again.

    Foam filled where needed then started the filling

    Once finished with the filler work we fibreglass matted of the top and will scrap out the filler and do the same underneath.

    Got lucky with these they are custom made to fit replicas so you dont need spacers

    Then i got this and put on to you guys so here i am figured better get the right engine for her.

    My new dials

    My GEN F355 Back box

    New lightened fly wheel and cluch

    Ill post up more as it happens :)

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    I am quite impressed. Lots of work there, looks like you're getting well stuck in.

    Keep the updates coming!


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    Will do mate
    Any chance in a price for the camry manifolds mate ? Sorry if u have already replied still getting used to forums :)

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    Very interesting as Chris said keep the updates coming.

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    Looks great Barnster, people don't realise the work that goes into getting panels to fit but you've done good job there.

    Also, one of my biggest moans about the conversion is that I'm dubious about the 40-50mm rear spacers (just my personal opinion) but those awesome wheels overcome that.You got well lucky there buddy :thumbsup:

    “Where I'm going is not nearly as important as what I'm driving to get there.”
    ― Jay Leno

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    Thanks guys
    Been a labour of love wanted to do this build since I was a nipper so nice to be finally doing it, got a bladdy long way to go but nice to be getting the glass on at long last.

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    love those wheels!

    You'll find the 3VZ-FE swap I didn on my replica here

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    hey Barnster. is your inbox full?

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    Shouldn't be mate it's hard doing any checks on my phone I'll check it out tomorrow on my computer defo interested in chatting to other guys with replicas real passion of mine :)

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