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Thread: 1UZ-FE Into a Mk2?

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    You seem to making good progress there Chris nice one ;)

    Donna you need to play catch up ;) ;) ;)

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    Just gonna leave this videos here, some food for thought

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grenade View Post
    HAhahaha, you guys are sweet- I'm going outside to light the heaters and get to work. When I come back inside somebody clarify what I'm planning to use & why.
    Whatever engine you choose you will need an adaptor plate for the gearbox options. 1UZ is too big to fit between the chassis rails unless you mount it north to south in which case 1UZ with OB1 gearbox is the best option. The audi V8 is a more compact unit and lighter but costs more and parts are expensive too!

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    This is what I was getting at. For longitude mounting it had to be OB1 if you can stretch the wheel base then s54.

    Have you bought one yet?

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    Only 1uz I've ever seen hung in an mr2 bay was Podges mk1, longitudinally mounted w vw/audi gearbox and adaptor. As Goldy rightly says there wasn't enough room for a transverse mounting and iirc the mk2 bay is indeed narrower than the mk1 bay. Longitudinal mounting had room for turbos.

    It would have effectively been a spaceframe backend, as every crossmember and bulkhead from the cabin back had to be removed. It was well into SVA / q-plate territory and that's an area you really want to avoid with a mk1 / mk2 shell (because even a stock mk1 / mk2 shell won't pass the SVA). Which is a shame as those engines can take truly nightmarish levels of boost and will make boost at idle if fitted with those variable-geometry turbos.
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    It's a 2.0 inline four that thinks it's a viper v10. What's not to love?

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    Turbos, superchargers, ITB's my brain is going to explode it's too exciting

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    For me- it all comes down to money & practicality. The videos of those 1UZ engines, sound amazing. However it seems easier to make the transverse Northstink engine fit into the MK2. Driveshaft issues don't scare me- I have made them longer and shorter on several things. I used Porsche stub axles that were cut down on a dune buggy I built years ago. Plus we have Henderson driveline and Cleveland Custom Clutch & Joint nearby, these two places have solved several axle related problems I came up with.

    I would love to have it be Toyota but cabin intrusion? Nah- too much heat and I barely fit in these things now. I'm 6'3" and 240lbs and I'm not burning my arm on an engine or worse getting my long luxurious hair caught in a spinning pulley- Nevermind that, my rockstar hair fell out years ago but you get the point.

    Transverse seems like it's easier and I know it's cheaper. I found a caddy engine for 750 USD and the manual transmissions for 600. That's not too much more than a 3VZFE swap donor car & clutch.

    The Toyota engines sound so much nicer than the Caddy motors. This thing sounds like an 79 Camaro with cheap exhaust. The Toyotas sound like they cost more and sound more exotic.

    There's this one:

    But all I keep finding are these Audi trans and this doesn't seem correct:

    I'm glad there are a few months to sort this out because it's going to take some planning. I know cdwood2010 has already drawn up the plans and I agree- stop thinking and start fitting. I need a little more info though.
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    People are discussing two different fitments, inline and transverse, as if they are the same thing, only certain gearboxes will work in either config.

    I made a 1uz - E153 adapter plate for my orginal Mk1 V8 attempt, along wth custom flywheel adapter, it was a huge deal....

    Custom oil channel...

    It was 2006, forgive the potato pic...


    Now the bad news is it won't fit and needs custom chassis rail/spaceframe work.

    I abandoned the project because i killed the car, too many mods, roof was cut off, and it was all too much work at the time with Woodsport taking off.

    However, consider this kind folk of TB land..... the new EA61 6 speed is a good inch shorter than the E153, that could well make this fit now, and in my opinion the EA61 is perfectly suited ratio and power wise for something like this.

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    Christ and there was me thinking you were going I be a nay sayer on this one!

    What car can that box be obtained from?

    Oh an to add the interesting ness of this thread - I bought a 1uz

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    TB is now that old that we've been there and done that with most ideas.

    Any D4D Auris or Avensis, the adapter plate and flywheel adapter are just one of a hundred issues though, plus it still might not fit :)

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