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Thread: 1UZ-FE Into a Mk2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdwood2010 View Post
    Interesting. Where do we find that gear box then?

    I'm pretty sure the guy who posted on here had hung it in the bay with an E153, we all said 'ooh' and asked him questions but he never responded beyond that.

    The dark lord knows more about it, he found it during his V8 build, it was a lot shorter than other boxes and may have allowed the 1uz to mount north south in the mk2 bay!

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    The OB1 is used on 2.0, 2.7 and 3.0 tdi cars with FWD I think there are a couple of varients

    Have a look at


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    Chris that is a sexy read

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    After reading ob1 is definitely the way forward. But that's listed for the Audi v8 not the 1uz produced by Toyota....

    Can we get confirmation that this could fit? Even if it is with an adapter plate?

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    May be a daft question but is the 1uz also found in the Lexus ls400 ?

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    The very one dude. Why would tht be a daft question?

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    My friends neighbour has one that he'll be getting rid of soon so I may have a word, although I'm probably getting ahead of myself, I should get this v6 up and running before I consider my next project lol.

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    If you have room to store it!!! It an always sit there until your ready ;)

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    Les, make sure you let us know if that car goes up for sale.

    I would love one. I have a company fuel card.


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    Would you use it Chris or would you just stick it in a 2 :)

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