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Thread: 1UZ-FE Into a Mk2?

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    1UZ-FE Into a Mk2?

    Right, no idea how this idea got started again (it may have been me actually) but here's a thread about it.

    A 4.0 V8 1UZ-FE engine fitted into a Mk2. Transverse.

    300bhp / 300ftlb.

    People seem to be attempting it, there's lots of chatter on the forums, we've even had a guy wander in here boasting that it was hung in the bay.

    But so far we've yet to see one finished, unless someone knows of one?

    And yes I think Paul (Grenade) should build one next project.


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    I'm sure I mentioned this a while back... But after reading through the discussion with Paul and the enthusiasm of other members I'm all in on this.

    First hurdle I personal think is finding a tranny it will fit to...

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    Adaptor plate to mount it to an E153. AEK's thread (Norwegian Mk1, mad as box of frogs) is your starting point.
    The problem is a Mk2 bay is narrower than a MK1... I think it won't fit between the struts.
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    I've seen an actual picture of one hung in a Mk2 bay. Stretching the chassis is as whole lot of work, and needs some mad skills.

    Someone needs to buy an engine and make it fit.


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    Chris the woodsport mk1 v8 Paul never stretched the chassis. He intruded the cabin if you remember.
    Principally this could be done. I have looked at it and have though it, heck I even have a soarer available through a good friend just needed to justify buying it

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    Thinking out loud on this one, the clear message is the strut towers are the biggest issue. If they can be modified to be less restrictive then surely it stands a better chance of going in?

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    This is a post from one of my old threads might contain some useful info

    Quote Originally Posted by Nod View Post
    Now there is also the 4.6 North Start engine that with a Pontiac ST10 6 Speed box will fit between the SW20 turrets without issue. The Alternator requires a pocket in the bulk head but I believe everything else will fit reasonably well.

    If you want to fit a 1uz into the stock shell there is only one way. You have to mount it back to front with the gearbox facing the front and then run a Rakeway transferbox to run the drive backwards to the (Supra Mk3 LSD) diff mounted by the side of the engine with the drive shaft going through the sump (ala skyline). You then have the option of a 4wd setup using a Freelander viscous coupling in the front prop line and a upside down supra diff (Supra MK3 open) diff in the front using GT4 ST185 front hubs and modified/shortened MR2 dampers.

    You can then run Twin CT20b turbos and achieve 600bhp with MLS gaskets on early 10.4:1 with the bigger rods.

    I came up with that layout about 5 years ago. That was (and still is) my plan. A lot of work ................ :D

    It's worth noting that the BMW V12 and the 2JZ will also fit in this configuration.

    Oh! and you have to sacrific the Trunk and Frunk.


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    I thought the audi OB1 gearbox was the way forward to mount this in the mk2?

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    Interesting. Where do we find that gear box then?

    I'm pretty sure the guy who posted on here had hung it in the bay with an E153, we all said 'ooh' and asked him questions but he never responded beyond that.


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