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Thread: JB's V6 build

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    @JB it's the engine fan, the one in the side pod not the radiator one I mean, I'll have a look at how it's wired, do you mean this little puppy?

    Had permission from Frau Doasyou'retold that I could go out & play as she was not feeling the best, took the rear wheels off, ensured the hub nuts were up to torque & then put that cage & split pins in. Seemed rude not to take it up the road that this point, took a little video not very good, but for some reason although Photobucket says it's uploaded I can't find it. Anyway came back & said to son take it if you want go round the block but take it steady as the cambelt still needs to be done & I don't want too much stress, so as he goes out of the end of the road sideways & drifts it onto the next street I stood & shook my head, he claims it might be a bit of a handful in the wet. When he got back the temperature was around the middle but the radiator was cold & it was blowing cold air through the vents, with the back up again on the ramps I opened the bleeds on both the heater matrix & radiator both had water coming out. Allowed it to cool & it pulled the water out of the header tank back into the engine, ran it with the pressure cap off for a while but saw no bubbles.

    Still have a very slight oil leak from somewhere, but going to leave it for a now, need to have the car moveable as I want to put it in storage until the better weather.

    JB had managed to to get what he thought was the correct connector for the harness to reverse switch but unfortunately it wasn't the same, so a bit of improvisation. At the actual switch end, a couple of the small speaker connectors, a rubber sleeve & some silicon I ended up with

    The other end of the wires I had some small round push terminals that once put in the vice became small flat terminals,

    Which then fitted into the loom on the car, may still try to get the correct one, it's a round type, which is possibly the original MK1?

    Then we had

    Then the inner panel

    Back panel, number plate light & number plate

    Rear bumper

    Took it back around the block again, that gear change seems fine, what it will be like if I'm after fast changes but we'll see, only the interior needs to go back in, hopefully tomorrow & might take it for MOT on Thursday.

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    Yes that is the guard; it fits on one of the manifold shield bolts. Memory a bit rusty on engine bay fan, I may have wired it permanently on. Reverse lights not MOT requirement but nice to have. Cold Radiator engine maybe not run long enough or stat stuck closed. Yes you will need to be careful in wet but you WILL love it.
    Well done Alan you have made good progress. Brother expecting a visit soon.

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    Thanks JB thinking about this more logically, all the wiring within the engine bay is basically Camry which didn't have the temperature sensor, therefore you are correct you wired it in permanently on ignition. Interior put back together today, mechanic is picking it up in the morning & taking it for it's MOT, he can legally drive it on the works insurance, just about to hit the phones & see what kind of giggle I'll have trying to insure it.

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    Most people either wire it to a switched relay, wire it directly, or (as i do) completely dont bother. Well on the Mk2 at least.

    You dont need a fan when you're hooning, just when it's standing still.


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    Quote Originally Posted by cdwood2010 View Post
    You dont need a fan when you're hooning, just when it's standing still.
    There's a guy on ebay, not the Welsh Dragon who will sell all the bits for £30 delivered so I may invest.

    It was picked up this morning at 08:!5 to go off to be MOT'd don't expect any issues but you never know.

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    Had a call from the MOT tester, there was a guy looking at the car as he tested it wanted to know if it was for sale, said everything is for sale, just have to get the right price, don't think he was too impressed with a 4K price tag though

    But on a good note car fly through test, one of the rear discs is a bit pitted, should clean up if not new discs aren't that much, there is a very small amount of play in the top mounts on 3 of the shocks, so probably a job for the summer to change all 4 out, 246 miles since the last MOT in 2007 lol.

    So insured, MOT'd, tried to do VED but it wanted to do it from 1st December, they can coco, I can wait until Sunday

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    First run out today, no drama's which is good, pulls well, wasn't giving it too many beans as the cambelt is isn't being done until this weekend & didn't want to tempt fate. Needs tracking, it's a little skittish, but I remember that well from before, going to see if the mechanic will take it back Thurs/Fri & put it on their 4 wheel alignment jobbie. Filled it up with BP Optimum, hopefully that mixed with the old fuel will even it out, but tbh it hasn't proved to be an issue. Can seem to hear a little knocking on the rear end only very faint, so will have a look under at the weekend to see if something is catching, but don't thinks it's anything to worry about.

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    Nice work. Knocking from where? The 3vz sometimes sounds a little cammy when cold, i chuck STP in them, end of issue. They loves it. :)

    And dont forget these are non interference engines, so the cam belt twanging just means it will need setting up and belt fitting, so not the worst.



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    Not sure I'm a deaf old sod, completely deaf in one ear which makes pinpointing sounds difficult as I can't use both ears for direction like most people. It did sound more like a suspension, exhaust or something knocking type noise rather than engine. Wasn't 100% sure on the interference front but that's good to know.

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