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Thread: JB's V6 build

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    Hey JB and previous owners, just thought we would give you an update on the v6. My dads had it for a couple of months now, and loves it. Its just had a full custom exhaust fitted with twin back box and tail pipes Which sounds awesome! Just had the alloys recoated, new gear gaiter, and interior bits and pieces. Just needs t new paint on the arches and maybe a new front lip off a mk1b. Drives like a dream. I cant remember how to add pictures on this site. Its been that long since I used it. !

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    Good to hear it's still playing people let me look over the weekend I may have a front lip I bought one fir it but never fitted it I noticed it in the workshop after a car had gone

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    Just found them, all still wrapped up, are these what you are after?

    Sorry been so long since I've been on here how do you put images but now photofuckupbucket has gone, or send me a PM with your email address

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    Really glad your dad is enjoying it and it's being looked after. Most fun car I ever drove and most enjoyable project. Thanks for update.
    Greetings to all Brutalists

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