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Thread: 2grfe swap info and help request for my brackets

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    This should clear it up for folks wondering about the selector shaft. St185 and st205 is the same part number and I betting that gen4 is the same also.

    Now on what to do.

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    1999 Rav4 mount needed for my spyder passenger 3sgte bracket.

    Gen4 e153 will need this plate cover PN 31106-12010 if using my rear brackets, ~$95.24.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoobieMRS View Post
    That is probably the best looking mk3 I have seen, thats what i'm aiming for. Any ideas what kit it is?

    Sorry for taking thread off topic.

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    TRD. I don't think they make it anymore. He's on spyderchat, cool guy.

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    Don't be surprise, almost all spyder has the trd or replica. At least it's 2gr powered, lol.

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    anyone keen on MRS- V6 can look at my pics. I'm wiring up Motec M800

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    I see the pictures. It's looking good. Are you doing the work yourself or having a shop do it? I thought I remember you had some issues with the frame but it goods to me. Hopeful the issues you had got worked out.

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