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Thread: My mk3 2gr build

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    Passenger Mount. I am using innovation engine mount as the passenger mount is a lot stronger. My stock mount has too much free play to get a good measurement of it. I'm not sure if the mount will last itself (84,000 miles on stock passenger mount). I am using the stock mount to for measurement since the bolt hole are a lot smaller for a precision measurement (10mm vs 12mm innovation).

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    A little explanation. Only on the stock one. Once all other bracket has been made we'll see what happens with the stock mount again. I might had to do some adjustment on CAD for the stock passenger mount.

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    Driver mount. 1/4 1018 cold roll.

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    Front bracket is completed. Fits great. I got my vipec in Friday. I hope to get the crossmember modded and fitted tomorrow or else I have to wait until next weekend due to exams. I have to go by a cutter, wish I could afford a plasma cutter right now :)

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    Since I was taking pictures of the front bracket here's a view of clearance. Tight fit.

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    Got the cross member cut up. I might have to cut the other side to clear headers but I will do that down the line when the time come. It was kind of fun cutting it up. The weathers a little chilly but I'm just glad to be outside today.

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