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Thread: Recycling

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    be back soon

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    Awesome! Subscribed!
    Mk2 2GR-FE Trackday Weapon. Taxed, MOT'ed and insured! She's finished!

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    As above bloody fantastic project.... can't wait to see how this turns out! Whatever happens keep the faith it'll be awesome!

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    Holy crap!

    Ok, we are now paying attention.

    Oh and welcome to TwoBrutal you crazy man!


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    Super stuff , had an orange mk1 Mexico and a mate had a blue mk 1 with a rover v8 in it .
    those pics bring back happy memories
    Going to enjoy watching this happen , big thumbs up

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    Nice progress update, I still can't actually believe this is happening!

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    You know you have a great idea then it turns out some one has already done it, argh oh well back to the drawing board.

    Good luck with this personally I would have got power steering bigger wheels and getting older its a must have, will be awesome when finished and god will forgive you as long as it still looks like a mk1 escort at the end of the day.

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    How easy will it be to work on the engine after , the baseof the rear window looks like it will be on top of the engine then the front and rear firewall of the Mr will be either side ? Just intrigued to see how it will marry up , but excellent project !

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    What a fantastic project, it will be stunning once done, a very inventive way to make a Mk1 Escort handle and go properly, well and truly subscribed!

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