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Thread: Recycling

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    Reckon you've already done it and are just teasing us with pictures! ;-) its amazing how well it seems to fit, will the body shell be welded on or unboltable? I take it this won't be road legal?

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    Why would it not be road legal if all the mot/sva requirements are met every things solid and welded in place it should be good to go.

    Also 700+ bhp out of a top tuned £12 k engine, a normal rev 3 with inter cooler /charge cooled about 250/300bhp all depends on injectors ecu they rid turbo and exhaust, fully forged internals and a good hg about 420 bhp any thing over and reliability suffers.

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    Lovely project this, I'm watching a similar project on Pistonheads where a chap mated a Citroen C2 shell onto the bottom of a Mitsi Evo with all the running gear. The speed between starting the project and having it running in basic form was amazing.

    You are ditching the ashmatic FE engine for something fruitier though?

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    Is there a name given to this kind of project?

    Two cars cut and bolted together is generally known as a "Cut and shut".

    How about:-

    "Chop and Plop"?


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    I see all the OP posts have "vanished". Methinks legality issues?

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    Are but a cut and shut refers to two cars a front and back being welded in the middle, as long as the chassis is welded to the out side frame it and looks to have loads of bracing.

    If it was my car I would build an internal roll cage and weld it in.

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    Where did the piccys go?

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    Sorry for disappearing, cdwood, Woodsport, Goldy and the other guys. Here's the car today. maybe see you at a show some time.

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    Holy crap you actually pulled it off you deliciously insane person.

    We mention this a lot, "wonder if he ever finished it" etc. Please tell me you have all the build pics somewhere!?!


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