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Thread: 2GR-FE in MR2 Mk III Help

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    Nothing is impossible filutto. I did the first ever 1mz auto swap into a mk2 using the camry box. That required frame width modification in order to get it in - i cannot imagine the 2gr auto box is any smaller, albeit not much bigger maybe.

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    Right......tell me true...maybe i too quickly bought 2gr engine? Ist any v6 engine really easier to swap in mk3?

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    Not really! they all pretty much are based on the mk2 mounting platform.

    that's not to say if you're handy with the fabrication that you couldn't make your own mounts to suit the mk3 existing bracketry.

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    the auto box is smaller but the probelm is the electronics to drive it. it works off canbus signals that are routed via the dash. we looked at this for a MK2 for a customer and decided it was beyond his budget.

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    granted i haven't done it so this is just speculation. but on most 2gr donors, the transmission is controlled by the ECU. i think the RAV4 is the exception there. the only outside signals that they care about is the gear select position sensor in the cab.

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