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Thread: Canadian v8 build

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grenade View Post
    That's not the same guy, is it? Those plates say Missouri and Widebodystarlet is from Canada. Did the one guy steal his idea?
    Umm, yeah, you're right. My bad.

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    Not the same guy, but he is well on the way to getting his shit done..

    Good on him too
    of course I dont care, your a muppet!!!

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    I'm starting to really like the idea of stretching an MR2... I'm such a follower lol Widebodystarlet- crack on that man!

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    Hey sorry guys, I wish life wasn't so tough sometimes but you just gotta press on. Thankfully I've got the 3mz '91 to placate me at the moment.

    That's cool he did something so similar, I wonder if he has a build thread? Does anyone know? Mine runs and is stretched, but that's the easy part.

    Re-bodying this car has become a monumental task. Welding everything on is easy, planning takes time. Now that both of those are done, the prepping for bodywork is 10x as time consuming. I've been picking away at it here and there, starting with the hard stuff first. I'm going to be finishing the rad support area in the next two weeks. Seam sealer, fibreglass, bondo, primer.... all the good stuff. I feel like my vision is finally taking shape, although it's hard to update the thread when it looks like I've done nothing :S It's hot out and spending time behind a grinding shield and in long sleeves makes it even more tiring. The good news is that the rad support is the most complicated part of the modifications, so I'm hoping to just slide down to the finish line after this. Fingers crossed for paint by the end of the year.

    Anyways today I took a small picture of the rad airflow. This all connects with the hood vent (with nice panel gaps and rubberized weatherstripping) and should have the right negative pressure to pull heat away from the radiator. I've got a lot more free time coming up and I don't plan on working on "underbody" areas much longer.

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    Wow, photobucket just screwed everyone over with only offering third party hosting on THEIR HIGHEST BILLED ACCOUNT SETTING! ... Such BS.

    So I like pictures but don't wanna pay 400$ a year, is there another hosting site? Should I just be posting links? Where do I go from here?

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    48 pages of photos. that'll take a while to re host...

    imgur is what most people ar moving to.

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    I might consider that, but at this point I want something more long term. Maybe my own site or something.

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    I upgraded my Google drive to 100gb for not much money. I'm a paid member of photobucket (or should I say PhotoFuckIt!) So I have until 2018.

    But still, what were they thinking.


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    I have used GoDaddy hosting for over ten years. It houses my website and more pics than I can share. It costs about 80 bucks a year. Don't fall for the template websites and the extra add ons that they will try and sell you with low low up front costs, it will go UP. Get the basic hosting package alone and use a free FTP program like Filezilla. 100% uptime and nobody takes it down or blocks it or "protects with privacy" like google and lame ass FB do.
    Also, the bandwidth is fabulous so HyperText Transfer Protocol is never limited when 20 million people share it or see it. No adverts, no bullshit, just instantly up on the net and viewable everywhere, by everyone.

    The only restrictions are your imaginations...

    Screw photo bucket, I've never liked nor used them.

    :) (tell us how you really feel) lol
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    I might just swap to that Facebook group update for pictures.....i know, "if I'm not paying, I'm the product"

    I'd rather spend the money on steel/ tools/ kids/ etc....
    of course I dont care, your a muppet!!!

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