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Thread: my 3rd gen 3sgte powered MRS

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    i will post videos later today! i went to the track last night 1\8 th mile dragstrip, i know is short but it was fun.

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    in the mean time i got my new dwm center console painted, i ll post picture once installed it later today.

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    Ihad a few issues with the car that night (besides me being nervous), my rpm gauge was jumping around alot. I coudnt get an accuret reading in what rpm i was at so i was shifting early. And my shifter cable messed up after my first test run, it was hard to get 2nd and 3rd in . Still i ran like that and the best time was 9.2 at 78mph. Bit dissapointed but i had fun hopefully ill got to the 1/4 next time

    mr2 vs 2012 mustang gt

    mr2 vs my bros 400hp celica

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    The DWM is one the best visual mods ive ever done! i really like how the center console stands out, I also like the shift booth and brake handle i got from redline (sp?).

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    Where can I buy this console at? It's sweet!!!


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