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Thread: SE Dau One Off Sports Coupe

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    any updates to this? which ecu did you go with? I am considering the Vi-Pec.


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    Nothing at the moment, my friend...

    I've had to face reality and go get a job, though I managed to do so by setting up my own repair workshop. The car's in a space in the shop that's been reserved for projects and restorations (we currently have an old Merc 450SEL and a Lancia Montecarlo too!).

    We have a new partner that owns a machine shop, and he's gonna help design some mountings for the engine, and maybe some headers too.

    Good question re: ECU... I've been asked this week why I opted for the Adaptronic e1280 (which we haven't bought yet) because it's so expensive.i think it's cheaper than the Vipec, but are there any less expensive options that do a good job?

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    Syvecs or Solaris would in my humble opinion be two rather good options.

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