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Thread: Steve's Audi AHC V8, 4WD, Celica project.

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    This was of great concern to me when I rocked up and had a look. The car had been in a crash and the actual driveshaft flange was slightly cracked, but he removed the whole diff for some reason. I spoke to him about this and he gave me the old diff and cracked driveshaft flange, the diff appears fine and free moving. Obviously I'll need to source a spare flange though and more closely inspect the diff.

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    Loving it !

    in regard to audi 4wd's IIRC there is the quattro system and the haldex system. The quatro is the proper full time torsen 4wd and the haldex, which is a fwd 2wd system until it senses slip and then puts power to the rears. It use to be nice and simple with VAG using quattro for the torsen system and 4wd for haldex. Now it muddies the water and calls everything quattro

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    Haviing a headahce trying to start the engine up for the first time. Keys, and fuel pump.
    Fuel pump, this is missing. For the fueling once the engine is swapped I've bought a 255lph HRC pump (don't fancy a whiney Walbro) that will fit in the celica. I'm going to rig this up to the Audi for the test runs. Only I'm not sure weather to try and fit it into the S8 tank, or make a mini fuel tank out of an old jerry can. The Audi tank is quite complicated (deep and uses scavenger pipes), and without the correct pump would require a long hose to pick up fuel from the bottom of the tank and would possibly suffer fuel starvation unless I fill the tank with about 50L of fuel.

    Key, as said is missing. Trying to convince a locksmith to help you bypass an imobiliser without supplying a key scares a lot of them off. Local Audi dealer said they would for the best price, but I have to take the car to them, which is hard. I've also got to get around the V5 problem. The guy who I bought from just sent me the whole V5, which is registered in the previous guys name. I've spoken the the current registered keeper, who isn't very helpful, but may be convinced to sign the damn thing and post to the dvla so I can get a new transponder coded.

    Bit boring I know, but thought I'd say where things are at the moment. Any suggestions on the Audi fuel supply would be good.

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    Not being funny fella but i'd get the missus to sign the V5 in his name with a different pen. It's not like he'll complain about it...

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    Hi Steve,

    If youre just testing it, i would go with a jerry can. That way you can see what the fuel is doing (feed and return) etc.

    V5 - i'm pretty sure that if you send it to DVLA (send it recorded - i always do) and just leave the signature of the seller blank or put an X on there. Technically by not notifying DVLA of a change of keeper / legal owner you are breaking one of their stupid rules. DVLA will accept the fact that you are trying to bring the ownership up to date.

    IMHO anyway.

    Maybe give them a call? (Swansea not regional) They are, on occasion, quite helpful.


    And how about some pics?


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    I tried calling the DVLA about it, but just got "We're busy, f*ck off". Didn't even let me sit in a queue. I'll give them another try today. I'm quite practiced in forging signatures (as part of banking for my business, all 3 partners are never in the same town, let alone room), but I don't even know his name to forge as it's registered to a business... ... Which might mean I can get away with any old signature.

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    Yeah, i would go with monkey scribble signature. I really dont think DVLA will give a shit so long as someone is sticking their hand up and saying "its mine" - at least thats the impression i always got from them.


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    Yep, they're not bothered about you getting the car falsely, they just want a body to hit with any future fines.

    Bunch of cunting twat faced arseholes that they are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OlberJ View Post
    Bunch of cunting twat faced arseholes that they are.
    You feel quite strongly about this i take it! :rofl:

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    Quote Originally Posted by OlberJ View Post
    Bunch of cunting twat faced arseholes that they are.
    I'm sensing some tension here.....



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