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Thread: 1UZ-FE Exhaust Question???

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    1UZ-FE Exhaust Question???

    Hi, i want to know did i shall LOWER the 1UZ-FE engine PERFORMANCE IF i make it with one muffler who shall take exhaust from both exhaust pipes ???
    I ask you this because i have an option to buy from eBay a very very nice 2-nd hand JDM aftermarket Muffler but only ONE... So is that a problem for 1UZ's performance ???

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    Shouldn't do, as long as the single pipe has enough volume to let the gas flow freely :)
    Whatever you do don't do anything that'll get rid of that wonderful v8 burble though.
    It's a 2.0 inline four that thinks it's a viper v10. What's not to love?

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    Yes yes... That i also think, for the performance part...But, that guy with 1UZ S13 below runs the engine with single muffler and from the video i think that exactly that sweet V8 sound is missing in low RPM, where is most wonderful....unfortunately....

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