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Thread: 1UZ-FE to E153 GearBox PROBLEM !!! Please HELP

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    1UZ-FE to E153 GearBox PROBLEM !!! Please HELP

    Hi to all of you mates. I shall swap a 1UZ-FE engine in my MR2 SW20 but when i go to company who shall must make a spacer between the engine and E153 gearbox they tell me that i need a draft made with some computer program so they can enter it in their laser machine and so to cut it...That problem is same to the part which shall combine flywheel to the 1UZ's crankshaft... So, can any of yo help me with this thing...Or, if any of you have that file to send it to me on my E-mail which is:

    The draft must contain the exact dimensions of the both sides - the engine and the gearbox and with combined center... I cannot do that myself so please, if you can, help...

    P.S. I also can BUY that TWO parts, who shall combine 1UZ-FE + E153 together and 3S-GTE Flywheel + 1UZ's Crankshaft , from any of you who can manufacture it and sell it to me... Which shall be a perfect way for me... ;)

    Here is a pic on that part i need:
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    Hi dude some of my friends told me that the E153 and V160 bolt up patterns are exactly he same, so you might try this adapte plate that works with a V160 tranny

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