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Thread: Oh go on then.. I'll have a crack at a V8!!

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    I'm not the best at freehand sketching but here goes..

    My subframe intentions...

    Inspiration taken from some of the MR2 Underbraces you see floating around...
    (A) - are the engine mounting points
    (B) - are the gearbox mounting points
    (C) - will be a pair of new points on each side chassis rail
    (D) - will bolt to the front crossmember between engine bay and fuel tank
    (E) - will be a modded rev1 subframe

    Hope that explains it better :)

    Using the engine as a streesed member is a viable alternative but only if it's rigid mounted. I'd prefer to keep some comfort with it :)

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    the idea should work just fine. i'm mostly curious to see the body work.

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    Nice, I love a cracking plan! I'd cut your rear of just infront of the strut towers, and get another rear cut from a scrap yard from door and back and use to extend with.
    Then get a wbk and chop/stretch/widen the fuk out of to get a "MC8R" look...if you need a smoothened border/wbk front like mine to work out from, i could have my bodyguy to slap some fg in the mould and make you one. would save you quite a bit of ground work as it is allready widened to trd wbk width..

    Keep it up mate :)
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    Dan, I doff my cap to you for taking this on!

    If you dont want to run an angle grinder thru a perfectly good car and you want to collect, I'll donate a stripped out rev1 rolling shell for free, unless you already have a candidate in mind.

    Good luck chap !
    We ALL make mistakes....

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    Been given a simple solution to the parking brake issue by using the Porsche 4-pot rear calipers...

    As used on Astons and Jags so i'm told...

    And a bargain too - should save me a shed load trying to re-engineer the MR2 hub to take Supra integral drums.

    Thanks for the offer Wayne. May take you up on that offer even if only to do a practice run on making the new rear chassis. Other than that I'm quite happy to cut up the Turbo :D

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    Sweet !! More than welcome to carry out some R&D work before I either scrap it or give it away.

    Good luck bud !
    We ALL make mistakes....

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    Got the use of a car trailer so will be in touch :)

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    Sweet. Its not fully stripped yet, so when it can be gotten rid of I'll drop you a PM and stop spamming yor thread!

    If you can save the shocks for me once your finished with it that would be cool ;)
    We ALL make mistakes....

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    Update time.

    No steel cutting done yet. I keep sketching little bits out here and there and have quite a file of little ideas here and there. :)

    Anyway; for the build so far my shopping list grows and grows!
    I have bought;

    - Link G4 Extreme ECU (with connectors)
    - Audi 6sp gearbox
    - Audi driveshafts
    - Audi dual mass flywheel
    - 3uz 4.3 V8 with complete loom
    - Porsche 997 4pot front calipers
    - Porsche 997 4pot rear calipers
    - Mechanical spot calipers (handbrake)
    - Eaton M112 4th gen supercharger (brand new)
    - IS200 DBW throttle pedal
    - Jag XKR Chargecoolers (to be modded to fit)
    - Supra mk4 330mm x 30mm thick discs (with alloy bells)
    - RX-8 330mm x 24mm thick discs
    - Recalibrated Speedhuts with 7krpm rev limit
    - Fiat Seicento rad (for chargecooler)
    - Bosch Chargecooler pump
    - HSD coilovers
    - 5" wide outers for my 18" work VS-XX alloys

    I'll stress now that i'll probably stick the chargecooler rad and pipework in and stop there. I'll not be looking to fit that until i've had some fun out of it first.

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    Way to go Dan, this is getting so good I had to subscribe :thumbsup:

    “Where I'm going is not nearly as important as what I'm driving to get there.”
    ― Jay Leno

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