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Thread: Oh go on then.. I'll have a crack at a V8!!

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    Oh go on then.. I'll have a crack at a V8!!

    V8 ... The Beginning!

    Some of you may know me from over on and here of course. I've spent the past year building my V6 MR2 which after many a setback is in the final stages of having a TRD Scion Supercharger fitted. I have designed the bracket to fit it to the block myself and am nearly there with that. By all means take a look :)

    This car is all but done, fully resprayed, polybushed, HSD's, full leather retrim, Speedhuts, Enkei's etc.

    I've suffered con-rod bearing failure, then in prep for the SC i fitted Copper headgaskets that Boostedcamry helped me with (Gabe) .... big mistake!! They're notoriously difficult to seal and lasted 600 mile before leaking - that's with ARP's....! I now have 3vz MLS gaskets ready to fit supplied to me from Rogue Motorsport - if you're interested in a set, contact Patrick :thumbup

    Anyway i had been doing a complete nut and bolt rebuild on my 93 JDM turbo also but due to personal problems my heart is no longer in the car. Just before it fell off axle stands it looked something like this...

    and the engine detailed to this standard

    The turbo engine will be sold off to part pay for this build but have started parts collection already.

    Justinswidebody's progress has spurred me on to make a start.

    So far i have bought a Link G4 Extreme ECU - supremely good bit of kit which i hope 2BarTuning will help with

    Just waiting on delivery of my gearbox, flywheel, clutch and driveshafts from an Audi 2.5tdi 6-speed

    Delivery of the engine was a week ago and unwrapped it today (like a kid in a candyshop). It's a 2002 54k miles 4.3litre Lexus 3UZ-FE. Complete with A/C pump, starter, alternator etc etc

    Finally, no point going quick without being able to stop. So have bought a full set of Porsche 996/Boxster Brembo calipers

    Wheel wise will see some seriously wide VS-XX 18" action. with 9s on the front and 11s on the rear!

    The purist in me, hence going the Toyota engine route, is dictating that i do a full-on MC8R style car including rear chassis stretch.

    Progress will be a little slow to start with as i have the headgaskets to swap on the V6 along with completing another V6 swap for a friend.

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    thats a big motor!.. good luck. the bluecorner , fighting out of japan....

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    Aye - she is a whopper indeed!

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    Nice, can never have enough cubic inches :) Good luck with the build and keep us posted!

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    well done that man cary on you know how much we like pics on this site.

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    Cheers fellas!

    @tiggs, saw your car when Michael and I popped up to Woodsplurt, that thing'll be beyond mental - which was about 10 miles before my hg's popped ..... and i live in SE Kent!!! :rofl:

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    Awesome, looks like the quality of the build will be top notch too going on your other builds.

    Look forward to seeing this progress...

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    Whhooaaa, thats a beast of a motor indeed... When I done a little bit of research into using a 1UZ-FE, then only feasible way I could see without resorting to drastic chassis modifications, was to install transverse, but use a shorter gearbox adapted to fit the engine. A M66 (or M65 if you can find one) Volvo / Ford gearbox is only ~12-13" long, would handle the torque, and should allow (in theory) just enough room with a small amount of chassis rail 'tweaking' to fit... The passesnger side drive shaft would need to be looked at (very short) but other than it might work...

    Good luck, promises to be an exciting build!


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    Not even close Ross! The baby ain't going in transverse! It will be a true North/South longitudinal conversion with no cabin inteferance either :D

    Similar to this \/ \/ \/

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    wooah..loving this..youre gonna need 11s on the back with that beauty!!!

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