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Thread: Snowtiggers 2gr-fe Mk1... Project "walletrape"

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    Well after a very good if annoying journey which comprised of a two scoobys and a Mitsubishi thinking they were going to bully my little mr2 around, well they did cause I had probably what my dad would call a ton of scrap in the car gearbox and three years of collecting stuff for the swop, my cars performance was one of a snail, will be huge fun on the way back when it's finished can't wait.
    Oh and mr plod was very nice following me through the 50 limit admiring I hope the mk1s lines after I went past him at cough cough speed before the 50 average speed limit cameras just glad he decided to bozz off after some other more deserving persons.

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    Nice one Mike. I didn't get the pleasure of the the last drive. But the first one after made up for it!

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    Feel a little sad the 4age is leaving but she's going back in her old home so alls good.
    I bet that first drive was amazing.

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    Call it a test of restraint :icon_lol:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diesel Meister View Post
    Call it a test of restraint :icon_lol:
    I bet your face was pretty similar to your avatar!

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    I wear nicer ties than that! :icon_lol:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diesel Meister View Post
    Call it a test of restraint :icon_lol:
    thats one thing i just dont do is restraint and im going to enjoy immensely the drive home in this pocket rocket, just to see the look on scooby/mitsu/audi drivers face i bet the satnav will be going off every five seconds.

    i forgot to say how much i enjoyed the woodsport experiance today i even left several marks at the place which had to be hastily painted over hehe, and no coffe machine brew as was late getting there grrrr traffic how come when your in a hurry all the lights are against you officer dibble is hangin of your arse, and they spoil the fun with average speed trap cameras.

    pauls car is as good as ever just finish the dam thing mate its gorgeous this thing will be awesome when its finished even if we only get to see it at next years jae, as it will be truly one of the most modded top drawer in your face mk1s ever, and there are only one or two cars on that list, this machine is like a volcano awe inspiring dangerous to be close to beautiful in its creation but if your not extremely carefull could burn you to a crisp in an instant, its a lottery win car for me the first one i would buy when i win or get paul to build a clone of it, with superchargers or turbos.

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    Lottery win car? Shhhhh! Tiggs Becky thinks the whole car cost £500 to build!

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    Shhh my ann thinks mine cost a fiver.
    And that your fixing my rusty rear arches nods as good as a wink to a blind man lol, like when a new graphics card turns up in my pc oh it's been there for ages darling, and she admits that she just likes to sit in it and be driven around.

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    Oh just a quick question Paul my fuel tank after a good run when you open the tank there's a woosh of air as there's a vacuum in the tank, with fitting the 2gr does this get fixed or just left as is, I only ask as Gary was posting in his thread about returns and venting just wondered what you were going to do.

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