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Thread: Diesel Meisters Mk1 2gr-fe conversion - project mindfuck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiff Lemon View Post
    oh you'll need discs and pads for MK! It's a proper torture circuit! think 1/4 mile national speedlimits with roundabouts in between.

    I remember fondly, cooking my mk2 Golf brakes getting into and out of MK in a lunch break from around Olney, massive fade and no pedal left by the time I got back to Newport Pagnel Land Rover garage roundabout. Scary moments, great times.

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    They do love a nice bit of duel carriage way but stick thousands of blasted roundabouts in mk, great for the mk1 2gr and it helps if the rest of the world learns to go round them properly not just point and shoot for a gap.

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    Enjoyed reading this thread guys. Now it being 2017 do you all consider this a relavent upgrade or would you be considering looking into electric power train conversions?

    I'm considering doing the 2GR into an MK1a and am also curious how the car is doing. Any more things that needed to be addressed long term?

    If you read this Paul, sorry about the silly question regarding heat in the wheel bearings in our email correspondence.

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    No problem, silly questions are all part of the learning process :)

    We have just completed another 2gr Mk1 and there is nothing new we are doing today since the first conversion on them.

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    I was hoping there might be another header option that wouldn't require modifying the rear cross member. From what I see in the photo you basically take the rectangular box shape, turn a section of it into a triangular shape and then re-enforce the back with 5mm plate.

    Also the mount on the frame rail for the engine side is still from when I swapped in a BEAMS 3SGE.

    Do you think it would be less work to leave it where it is in the picture and make a custom engine to rail mount? It looks so close to where it needs to be but from looking at the pictures in this thread It looks like it might need to move back toward the shock tower.

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    What are you're thoughts on the motor mount in this picture.

    Its from a BEAMS 3SGE swap I did without a template. Compared to the pics of the first 2GR swap you did the frame rail mount is closer to the shock tower. Do you think it would be easier to just remove this and move it toward the frame rail, or leave it where it is and make a custom rail to engine mount?

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