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Thread: Diesel Meisters Mk1 2gr-fe conversion - project mindfuck.

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    Subscribed to Project "MindFuck"

    “Where I'm going is not nearly as important as what I'm driving to get there.”
    ― Jay Leno

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    Also subscribed, unleash hell.
    "if it ain't broke don't fix it"

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    That's going to be "The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy"... lol

    No offence, I just miss my mk1..<:(

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    If my car is as mental as Paul says, then R.I.P Diesel ! I'll give you the lowdown after I bring mine home on Saturday - that is one trip I'm looking forward to (humongous understatement).

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    DM, i hope you're quite prepared for driving this thing lol

    Although quite what that preparation could possibly consist of i have no idea.

    Bet you didn't forsee this from that 1st email all those moons ago eh?

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    Result! I'm intrigued about the supporting mods as well. Should be great!
    Brace, strengthen, support! You might have to look into life insurance and traction control :o)

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    Looking forward to seeing this come together!

    DM I think driving this will be a bit like this:

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    Can't believe I first spoke to Paul about a conversion in 2008 - I didn't even own an MR2 then. This one was bought with the specific intention of going 1.6. I think the prev owner might have a coronary if she knew lol

    Rock on WS :thumbsup:

    And no, we shan't mention that I nearly barbecued the car after buying the damned engine lol

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    I was the same on my first V6 conversion, was about 100 PM's over about a year before I went for it, probably drove Paul nuts! :)

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    This is crazy, such a big engine is such a small car! Looking forward to updates on this one. :thumbsup:

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