A little bit of history made today! Say hello to the worlds first 2gr mounted in a Mk1...

This took some pretty major mods to the engine bay to achieve, and will only sit in this position to clear everything. I had to modify the rear crossmember as well as the front firewall, but it's all in and hanging on its new chassis mounts. Nothing is detailed, it doesn't even have a flywheel installed, this is just a dry hanging to get the engine mounts done, it all has to come back out again. The rear firewall will be reconstructed with a nice access panel for maintenance.

Sump clearance is good.... but at a cost of engine lid mods.

It will obviously need a WS TD lid as will any 2gr mk1, it's got to sit at this height to keep driveshafts happy and sump clearance.

So by far the biggest hurdle overcome, a hanging 2gr in a mk1.