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Thread: Project MrBusa (Toyota MR-S / Hayabusa)

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    That thing is a missile! Excellent coverage really enjoyed that.

    Pit to 1st position in 6 laps and 3 secs a lap faster than anyone else, how long before success ballast? lol

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    Sorry its been a while between posts... We havent really done any development on the car as yet, just done a couple of race meetings to get the gear ratios sorted. Next thing is to do a couple of days testing to get the suspension settings sorted.

    Here are a couple of videos from our latest race meeting;

    Race 1: Qualified & started 8th from 35 cars. Unfortunately had a clash on first lap that bent the steering. I pit to assess the damage then carry on to finish 9th from 35 cars even with the toe-in out by over 10mm

    Race 2: A reverse grid race so start near the back & work my way through the 35 car field until a rose joint breaks ending the race.

    Race 3: Didnt get past the warm up lap with a boost issue so no video

    Race 4: Another scratch race so started 6th & finished 4th. Just didnt have the straight line speed of the other fast cars. Still some good battles during the weekend. A few of the cars we raced with are listed below the video link.

    #6 Blue Batman RX7 is 7 litre Chev powered
    #988 Black Skope Porsche is Turbo GT2
    # 11Green & White Commodore is spaceframed V8 powered
    # 59 Yellow (once a Levin) is Nissan V6 (VG30?) turbo powered
    #8 White Camo Nissan 180SX has a 2JZ Supra turbo power

    And a pic from the race meeting:

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    wow!!! awesome machine..amazing on the brakes but a little 'skittish' on the exits lol..awesome driving thanks for the vids..

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