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Thread: Project MrBusa (Toyota MR-S / Hayabusa)

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    Right, is this just a trick of camera angles here or has that only got 3 exhaust outlets and 3 spark plug wells per bank?

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    Look at that! How much would that set someone back? Anyone know?

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    see post 21 :D

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    They got thier posts in before me lol. £30k+. That's what it costs for a lightweight v8 that can do 13k revs i guess. Small footprint too.

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    Had a talk with the guy who built the v12 bike two suski kettle engines that wasn't mega bhp about 300 I think but the problem he told me was the torque and using only 3 of the 5 gears as 1st and second where to low.

    He was working on the busa v8 with twin turbos and a stroker kit to take it out to 3 liters and seeing if he could crack the 500bhp per bank, as the normal turbo busa gets upto 500 bhp with a few tweaks, a supercharged version would be awesome.

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    Now call me a heathen.....but.....:


    Considering the outlay, are we not better sticking a 3SGTE in that Mk3, tuning that, and pocketing the change...? :whistle:

    That said (and I'm still ducking!)......

    :respekt:....for the Mk3 spaceframe work / project in general.....!


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    What do you reckon it'd cost to build a 550bhp 11k 3SGTE? lol

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    The kit car fraternity love the busa turbo. My mate tells me of an Ultima who's owner said I want 4wd and 1000bhp/ton, that was pretty much his only breif to the builders and they put 2 Busa turbos in it, just under 1000kg, just under 1000 bhp from both engines, hey presto, they did it.

    I think this is it

    I've seen the busa put into minis, smart cars and all sorts, pretty much all on youtube.

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    I think the main benefit is the low weight of the engine, low position of it in the body to lower the centre of gravity and the price isn't too rediculous for the turbo'd four pot.

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