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Thread: Black Bob Jnr

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    Need a pic build thread Olber, thats just fap worthy!
    I hate all southerners. As a point of reference, I'm stood at the north pole.

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    Very nice copy of an rs200 it looks in proportion which many aren't , can we have a link to build thread or more info.

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    II'll post up what I get but no build thread unfortunately.

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    Nice Olie. Very nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by OlberJ View Post
    And as these things have a way of happening, Black Bob Jnr now has some new clothes too!

    Totes amazeballs!
    Where can I find more information on this kit?

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    I did a bit of digging, aparently it was made from "original" replica body panels that were modded to fit the MK3 so effectively it's a one off? I really want to see a build thread on this I love the RS200

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    Andy is looking at producing the kits for similar price to a mk2 355 kit.

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    Japanese reliability with ford looks got to be a winner.

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