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Thread: Its been a while...

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    Excellent progress. Keep it up!

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    cracking on..

    Well i spent the afternoon working on the car, in the end i spent a lot of time messing around with the "A" post. i had to do a lot more welding due to a combination of me blowing holes in the bodywork and not quite cutting out enough rust in the first place.

    I pretty much know that this repair will rust again in the future but as its the first bit of repair i have done i am still learning so i'm not too worried and actually i'm happy with the result so far.

    Grinder followed by filler followed by sanding equals...

    I will need to do a bit more sanding and filling but not too bad on the whole.

    I also welded in the rear arch, not really happy with it tbh but i'm sure some work with the filler will make as good as can be.

    I ran out of wire before i could finish but not too far away.

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    that looks great another mk1 saved from the scrappers.

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    well i have been working hard but not too much to show for it, found a few more rust spots...including the following

    After investingation with a knotted brush

    After the airsaw

    After a plate, some welding and some grinding..Toyota originally had seam sealer on the join so i will finish off the corner with that as there is a small hole.

    I have also been hard at work on the rear arch...

    1. All outer panels fully welded and grinding complete
    2. All inner rust cut out and patched using plate + seam sealer up to the outer arch
    3. Inner wing GRP to the outer wing - double layer and a nice seal
    4. First filler application to get the arch shape
    5. Exhaust off
    6. oil drained

    No pics at the mo as not sure where they have gone from my phone but will take a few more later...

    Struggling to get a good finish so probably going to get a little expert help from a mate, until then i'll move on to the other side and do the whole thing over again :blabla:

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    last post may have been over 18 months ago but today for the first time in a year and a half i did some more work on the car!

    Stripping out an old foxgaurd alarm... felt good to be back working on her. Hopeing to have some time to get this car saved in the coming months.

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    thats good to hear, get on it now its dry outside!..and for the rest of the summer, you'll be finished and rubbing down in no time. the bluecorner , fighting out of japan....

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    welcome back :icon_mrgreen:

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    fantastic funny how they all go rusty at that point.

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    well had another afternoon working ion the car.... thats 2 in a row which is virtually un heard of.

    Had to make the wireing loom good after stripping out the old alarm and immobilisor on sat... that thing was like a weed, it seemed to be everywhere in the car!

    I then finished striping the interior..

    It was such a nice day yesterday and loads of the neighbours were out enjoying the sunshine so i decided the grinder would have to wait untill another day... This was the first time my seats had seen the direct sunshine for about 3 years...

    The dog appreciated the comfort and support of the old girls seats!

    and so due to the noise decision i decided to start stripping the car, omg i think i snapped every bolt holding the covers on undernieth...

    then i opened up the trusty patented wood engine removal guide.... managed to get as par as taking the fuel rail off before calling it a day....

    :icon_mad: I thought the bolts underneith were bad, some of those connectors were stuck tighter than a nats chuff!

    all in all a very satisfying day i have to say!

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    Great stuff ! Well done for sticking with it after all this time as a lot of folks would have simply given up.

    Please keep up the updates its really interesting reading.

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