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Thread: Engine options for the mk3???

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    I seem to recall a lad over here with a MK3 he was putting a busa engine in(I think)...the thread has been quiet a while...might go look for it

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    busa engines are pretty nigh on indestrutable even with mega boost a lad i know has a pimlico (fibreglass replica) mini with a 500bhp busa turboed in the back goes like shit of a shovel.

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    Unless its a very good turbo kit, and you're getting instant boost everywhere on a 'busa turbo, I can't see it being torquey enough to be nice to drive around as a daily. The 'busa mk3 in NZ will be a race car and they're aiming for circa 500 kg iirc and upwards of 400bhp.

    The s2k engine would be the best as far as lots of revs and still driveable, especially as its the only Honda four that spins the same as Toyotas?
    Just depends on whether you can bolt it up to an existing mr2 gearbox. Would it fit widthwise in the bay with an adaptor plate to bolt up to an S54?

    Or you could use the civic engine with the honda gearbox and find a way to make the selectors work.

    Using the BEAMS motor, all the work is fairly simple, the single vvti version from fwd cars and the late sw20 will bolt up to an S54. I'm not so sure about the bellhousing bolt pattern on the Altezza motor, and I believe the exhaust cam gear and gubbins are too big to fit easily in an SW20 widthwise.

    Is a mk3 wider between strut towers than SW20?

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    Quote Originally Posted by danlou84 View Post
    I just want an engine that can hit those figures... More short bursts of power over top end speed..
    Looks like a supercharger could be the answer, then....?

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    Well the beams give similair power output as the k20a?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregLeBon View Post
    Looks like a supercharger could be the answer, then....?
    I was actually thinking this...

    I know I have an obsession with the redline but it needs to sit at 6k in the corners and max out at 9k

    I know the new lotus does exactly this..

    The point of it is that you've always got power on the track.

    And there is just something special about hearing a car scream to 9 or 12k rpm..

    Maybe a supercharger on the 1.8 or even the k20a would work nicely..

    Once ive got everything running I'll look at getting an emeral ecu budjet has just gone upto 6k haha

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    The civic/integra motor is ~220 bhp isn't it? BEAMS motor with single vvt-i (inlet cam) is 200 bhp, and Altezza motor is 210bhp.

    If your budget would stretch for it, I can't see there being a better motor for mr2's than the 2gr. Circa 270 whp with headers, huge gobs of torque everywhere and with an ECU, 7000rpm will be easy.
    Anyone know what the Evora redline is?

    If you really need 9000rpm, the Honda motors will do it fairly easily, and since the K20A has been transplanted in before, and proven to work, it seems like the best option.

    Though if you can get the S2000 engine and bits for cheap, I'd be tempted to do that, if it can be bolted to a gearbox and into the bay.

    I can't imagine the beams engine needing much work to pull 9000, but I'd guess they'll be making similar power at those revs to the K20A.

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    The s2000 is the k20a?

    IS there anyone thats done this conversion with a build thread? I've looked everywhere cant find one.....

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    As per:

    Quote Originally Posted by vish View Post
    the s2k engine is the f20c and is around 240bhp. the k20 is the engine out of the honda civic type r and is used in the atom around 200bhp standard.

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