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Thread: Engine options for the mk3???

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    Supercharger will be about 4-5k so I will probably just do the conversion first then drop in the SC at a later date.

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    So if I understand you correctly, your going to spend between £4k and £6k and get 15hp more over the 1zz.

    Does the 2GR bolt onto the 1zz box ?

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    What will you be using the car for?

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    Going round to see you for this promised blow job I think in his last post.

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    Would love to see it done, and if you do it home-brew then it's possible with the help on here.

    Just trying to figure out what the car will be used for so as to maybe help out with an easier alternative.

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    For my own pleasure mate, I've driven an s2000 and love them love the mr-s so I want to marry the two.

    I dont know what it is exactly but I love the fact its torque curve is 6k-9k

    It makes me smile..

    And thats what this whole games all about right?

    So the plan is to buy the kit and spend a few weeks and months scratching ones head.

    With help from you guys I'm hoping to get it running..

    I know of about 4 others that have underwent the conversion.

    So its do'able.

    If you can tell me of a toyota that can go like the k20(a)

    Then I'm open all ears....

    The only other engine I love is the 2.7 skyline lol that goes to about 10k

    But that would be impossible lol

    Car's use is planned for thrashing around B roads and scaring old people

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    Well if it's a b-road blaster and you're happy to rev the nuts off it to keep it going then yeah that's your engine.

    What sorta price you looking at for what sort of mileage engine etc?

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    Not got a clue, the one ive been offered for 2k is a 2003 with 64k on the clock...

    I've also been offered a 2009 with 2k on the clock for 3k

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    Quote Originally Posted by danlou84 View Post
    Not got a clue, the one ive been offered for 2k is a 2003 with 64k on the clock...

    I've also been offered a 2009 with 2k on the clock for 3k
    those prices are really good for that engine, assuming is complete, gearbox loom ecu block

    remember whatever you buy you must get uncut wiring as since this a blind swap it will be better to have connector and bits, find the k20a s2000/ civic type r manual as well as any wiring info of that engine, and plan ahead, if you want to install a supercharger on a later date, keep that in mind and leave space for it, the intake port of the k20a is on the front, and the exhaust on the back, in an mr2 that makes perfect sense, exhaust will be hard to do but with a good welder anything is possible (stella)

    as i see it the importand thing to learn if you can from others that have done this, is

    mounting the engine at the right place, this shouldn't be hard, the k20a is a bit smaller than the 1zz, so you will only have to calculate pin point center of weight of the engine and place it correctly in the bay and to not mess the geometry of the car

    wiring info, this will be the most hard part really, but if you know what every single wire of the k20a does and what each of the car then it is a simple connections, you have to read shit loads though

    driveshafts, well i guess custom made? hubrid ones? trial and error, here you are going to spend some cash to get it right, as if you do not have info, you have to test parts

    other than that, i believe the k20 will be like home in there

    oh and btw, do not just hand over the car to anybody to do the job and vanish, as this will cost shit loads, be there know what is being done on the car and be prepared,

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    yeah 1000% agree with you top post thanks il keep you updated..

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