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Thread: Project MV8R

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    Project MV8R

    To the TwoBrutal forum owner or mods: I think you are going to need a V8 swap section in the forum. I am not sure where to put my thread. Does it belong in the Mk2 general swap banter ?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Project MV8R
    (named after the Sard Racing MC8R LeMans Twin Turbo V8 racer based on the MR2 mk2)

    The powertrain fit a little better than expected. If it weren't for axle/suspension interference, it would be possible to put this powertrain into the car with NO cutting! However, due to the design of this transaxle, cutting is definetly required. HOwever, it won't be a lot of cutting.

    In the photos above, the powertrain needs to be raised about 3-4 inches. I have to make the tranny notch on the left side of the frame larger to match the tranny I am using, as the notch only matches the E153/S54. ONce I make the notch larger (I am going to attempt to do this by hammer rather than cutting), I will be able to raise the powertrain to thier correct/final location.

    Project MV8R
    sign up for the build manual at
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    well done cbulen! Looks impressive, how long till she's running?

    PS - bit of a short build thread pmsl!

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    Nice work great idea.... more pictures please! :)

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    Sweet indeed. Loving how neat that looks in there.

    Can we have some more info on the Northstar engine? What's it put out etc and what you got planned for it?

    V8 burbles, oh yes.

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    Great build! I saw a northstar in the flesh a few years ago and nearly had heart failure,thats a beast of an engine.

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    Great work mate, ohh a v8 in a mk2. Any more pics??

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    This is the initial fitting only. The V8 is NOT mounted, or running, or driving, etc. It is sitting on a tranny jack. I needed to test fit the motor to see if I should proceed with the project, to see if I should go ahead with permanent modifications (cutting frames, axles, etc.).

    I am using the Vin 9 version of the N*. Its rated for 300hp and 295 ft-lbs, at a slightly higher RPM than the Vin Y flavor of N* (the difference is in the cams, I believe). Redlines at 6500rpm. Slightly lower than the Audi ABZ (7000 rpm).

    I feel now, that the project is feasable and realistic, so I am going to proceed.

    Plans are to just get the thing running/driving. That's enough for now. Bumping HP is something I will look into once the thing is running/driving. I have 2 MR2's. The one pictured is my $900 junker. Once the V8 is mounted/running, I plan to swap the drivetrain into my good 93 turbo. My 93 is in beautiful condition, and this is the car I really love, so I want it to have the V8.

    Project MV8R
    sign up for the build manual at
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    Nice one.

    So what gearbox are you using, is it the Fiero one?

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    No, the Getrags in the Fieros are weak. The Fiero guys (the ones with a little money) are now using the GM F40 6 speed from the 2006 Pontiac G6 GXP.

    The box is derived from the Saab 9-3. I think its pretty much the same as teh saab unit, with a different bellhousing bolt pattern. Saab 9-3 and 9-5 axles fit this trans. The Quaife LSD for the Saab F40 fits the G6 F40

    Project MV8R
    sign up for the build manual at

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