A little tip for you chaps at home.

How many times have you struggled with an Mr2 gearbox trying to get it to line up with the input shaft into the clutch or getting the dowels to align?

Pain in the ass right?

Here's a cheaty mod I do on a daily basis at Woodsport....

Get two old Mk2 subframe bolts (the longer two of the four) , cut them down to 6" long and grind four flats on the end of the bolt (same size as a 3/8ths ratchet etc)

Screw them by hand into the two topmost holes, you can now hang the gearbox on those two studs and slide it all the way home to the clutch, the studs guide the gearbox perfectly into place and take all of the gearbox weight instead of bench pressing it like a madman.

Here it is on a car I was fitting a 6 speed to today....

I use a 3/8ths drain plug socket to extract the studs once the gearbox is home, but you can use whatever comes to hand.

Hope that helps.