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Paul Woods
15-07-2007, 11:06
Thought id share this one as its been shrouded in mystery for years.Basically if you are fitting a rev4 (july 96-) engine into your Mr2 the engines ECU has its own security transponder,this consists of a chipped key,a pickup coil around the ignition barrel,a gold coloured chipped box on the steering column and a black plastic transponder ecu in the drivers seat belt reel area.
The chipped key basically allows the ecu to be turned on,without it it simply wont work.Up to now there hasnt been a guide on how to get past this,deemed secret information in mr2 engine conversion circles! :D
So here goes...
After you have of course fitted your rev4- engine (including replacing the passenger kickwell to engine bay loom).
1. remove the pickup coil from the ignition barrel
2. remove the gold coloured 1" cubed box that the coil runs into
3. after the wires leave the gold box they enter a white plastic electrical connector,chop the wires 6" after this connector.
4. locate the black plastic transponder ecu behind the drivers seat belt reel trim,this unit has around 13 wires coming from it,cut these leaving around 8" of wire on the box.
5. you will notice the 5 wires that exit the gold box all have a corresponding matching wire entering the black transponder unit,connect these 5 wires up.
6. open the boot,and make the following connections on the white plastic body to engine harness plug,all you need to do is T these into the existing coloured wires in that location.
7. connect the black/yellow wire on the black box to the black/yellow wire in the boot plug,this is 12v IGN for the transponder
8. connect the white/red wire on the black box to the white/red wire in the boot plug,this is 12v battery live for the transponder
9. connect the white/black wire on the black box to earth,ground it to the chassis.
10. of the remaining wires 3 of them are blue with a trace colour running through each.... these 3 wires connect to their matching coloured wires in the white boot plug.
11. ignore the solid blue wire and also the red/white stripe wire
12. tape the ignition key to the transponder pickup coil and tidy the whole lot behind the boot wall carpet
Thats it,the ecu will now work without issue.I just thought this might take the pain out of this conversion for anyone wanting to have a go.:thumbsup:

Have fun!

15-07-2007, 11:13
Yeh I know

Paul Woods
15-07-2007, 11:27
lol on the OC this got greeted with,excellent work paul,we will add this to the knowledge base immediately.....on twobrutal we get lou and andy pmsl!

15-07-2007, 13:08
pmsl - all you had to do was ask Paul

15-07-2007, 18:58
:thumbsup: thats excellent paul! we will add that to the knowledge base immediately!:hidesbehi

is that ok? didnt want to go overboard with the praise lol

Paul Woods
16-07-2007, 06:40
much better! now tell me how good looking i am....

16-07-2007, 06:54
see picture above of able bodied man ;)

Paul Woods
16-07-2007, 06:57
shouldnt you be out stealing? :)

16-07-2007, 07:33
much better! now tell me how good looking i am....

uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. well ! uuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


16-07-2007, 08:14
shouldnt you be out stealing? :)

I got the Spider for steal - that's my weekends work done :D

16-07-2007, 11:59
thats a good read and very useful if doing a rev4.

My Q is would there be a problem going from rev4 to V6 as this is what I'm doing,Also would it be ok to butcher them items from my loom or would it mess something up and unable me from starting it?

16-07-2007, 14:38
:thumbsup: thats excellent paul! we will add that to the knowledge base immediately!

That reminds me, why don't we have one? It would save a lot of reposting of the same questions over and over again.

Paul Woods
16-07-2007, 18:38
Ah thats the thing pete,TB is one big knowledge base,we have mk1 turbo/v6/mk2v6 tech sections,they are the knowledge base really.

Nuttasie going from rev4 to v6 is a doddle,you dont have to take the transponder out or anything,just wire the v6 in as per the idiots guide and ignore the transponder stuff,just leave it on the car really.Unless someone wants to buy your old rev4 engine and ecu in which case they will need all your transponder gumf,but even if you remove it all from your car your v6 will still wire up as before.

16-07-2007, 21:34
great stuff,cheers paul.Thats the words I wanted to hear:thumbsup: