View Full Version : What injectors for 3vz turbo?? Help needed.

03-02-2018, 18:34
Hi all, hope this is in the right place if not please move or let me know where to post it.
Im in the middle of turbo charging my 3vz build that I completed last year. When Ive made enough progress Iíll start a build thread incase it helps some one else out.
Im just looking to find out if 2jzgte supra injectors fit the 3vz? I think the 7mgte 440cc ones do. But Im struggling to find a set of them for a fair price. I really dont want to run 315cc injectors at 7 psi. Because I think they may run lean on WOT. Any hints or help is most appreciated

03-02-2018, 18:52
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