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21-11-2016, 23:42
http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2016/11/158.jpg (http://s867.photobucket.com/user/adamstanford91/media/Mobile%20Uploads/DSC_0549_zpskjws7fw8.jpg.html)

A quick tribute, to show how I spent the last 10 years.

RIP dad, you never did fuck about when it came to a project

22-11-2016, 03:04
Much respect.


22-11-2016, 09:52
Sorry to hear of your loss

22-11-2016, 12:01
Thank you. He was ill for about 5 years prior. But having a look in his garage I came across the photo album of the cars. We still have the messerschmitt. I thought as a bunch of car hackers you would appreciate the work done to these, when I get the chance I'll get the photos of the cars before we started.
He was known locally for the red isetta, he used it daily all year round for about 5 years.

22-11-2016, 17:43
A sad day
The KR200 is one of my favourite microcars. I remember whe I was a lad a neighbor used to have one and used to take us out in it.... was like being in a fighter plane :D

22-11-2016, 17:47
Awesome collection Adam. Myself Chris saw some of these on display at the Classic Car Show a week or two back. They really are impressive.

22-11-2016, 18:25
Yeah it's got the plane steering wheel and everything! Especially the seat you have to lower yourself in. Unfortunately he never got to drive the kr200, once it was finished it was mot'd for several years consecutively until it didn't need one anymore, and it's never turned a wheel on the road yet. Up the NEC? I saw the orange one me and my brother were talking to the owner, I liked the peel p50, never saw one in the flesh to realise just how amazingly small they were

23-11-2016, 09:04
If you do ever get around to putting one on the road (without the V6 fitted) I'd love to come just drive one up the road just to say I've done it.

23-11-2016, 10:52
If you do ever get around to putting one on the road (without the V6 fitted) I'd love to come just drive one up the road just to say I've done it.

Same here!

23-11-2016, 21:06
One advantage of small cars, you can fit more of them in a garage!

Sorry to hear of your loss though, I can't imagine how tough that must be.

Will you be keeping any of the cars?

23-11-2016, 21:49
Love the micro cars, it's a great photo

23-11-2016, 23:16
The only one we still have is the messerschmitt. My dad sold the other three when him and my mum split. I would love to find the red isetta as that's the one I done most work on and that's the one that was used every day. I saw the Heinkel on eBay 2 months ago but the seller wanted 25k, three times what was paid for it. But the messerschmitt me and my brother will do a few drives in I assume, take to a few shows and then perhaps find a new home for it. Unless I have built my garage by then.