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26-10-2015, 01:25
This is right down the street from my house. I don't have the money for it, or I would absolutely take this on.

Read this ad-



Here's an excerpt- check this out:
I have 4 large binders filled with much, if not all the information on the build of this car from the beginning of the build. It includes the original brochures and receipts from HiTech Mfg as well as many diagrams, prints of the body, chassis, suspension and all related parts. There are many receipts, photos, letters of documentation, all parts break outs and correspondence letters. It also shows that when the original owner sold the car in 1992 to the owner of the estate in Detroit he had well over $40,000 invested in the car. It was stated when I purchased the car that it was last running and driving in 1997 prior to going into storage.

26-10-2015, 01:35
I just popped over to Fleabay and saw this on sale:


He's asking forty grand and it's a FIERO in a frock! This thing above, the unfinished one? Man, it's a twin turbo V8 Chevy 350 with a tubular chassis and a real Lambo windshield.
If he's getting 30+ for a Fiero, what mush the V8 replica be worth??

Here's the fleabay link on the fiero based unit:


26-10-2015, 18:45
I've put a call in to see this car. I might have a trick or two up my sleeve...

It's a twin turbo V8 with a Pantera transaxle FFS!

26-10-2015, 21:27
Ok- it's a twin turbo 350. It's got a Pantera Transaxle and it's properly put together, what is actually put together at this point. The side window glass has been sold. He got $8,000 USD for the side windows. Hell, I would have sold them too. No big deal, you could use plexiglass/Perspex for those.

The tires are toast, needs new on all four corners and the rears look expensive. The coilovers are from 1986/88 and are probably too old to service, need replacing. The interior needs professional re-trimming, probably $2500-$4500 depending. The engine needs pulled, to be thoroughly gone through. The turbos need to be checked and the fuel system fully cleaned out. The carb needs rebuilt. In my opinion, it needs to be an EFI system on this engine and it would be much better off. A new wiring harness for the small block Chevy 350 and the new EFI system. This car was never completed from conception. It changed hands and then the owner passed away. It sat since he bought it in the early 90's.

Near as I can tell, it comes with crates and cases of parts, books, notes etc. The headlight assemblies- it looks like it's all there. I say get it cheap, take it all apart and check everything out and clean & recondition everything and then put it all back together again, paint it white or red. It was all new and never really driven. It's never been road legal. I want this car.

Someone stop me, I must be nuts.






26-10-2015, 21:31
Could be an interesting project, looks like it needs a lot of work and reading between the lines the current owner doesn't have the skills or time to finish it!

26-10-2015, 21:50
I spent an hour with the guy. He has no idea how turbos work. Wiring? He knows even less than I do. He might have at one time possessed the skills to paint it but now I think he got most of his money back on the glass and just wants out of it. I would tow it home, blow it all apart, inspect everything and see what's what. He started at 11 grand and is now- after spending an hour with me, well under that number.
The age of the kit is what troubles me. It's never going to be a high dollar replica, but what it can be is a working replica with a 600BHP rear wheel drive manual trans. I estimate about 8k additional on top of purchase price, plus paint.

Can a decent but not perfect replica bring 25k? I just don't know. Something tells me yes. Who is the resident expert in the replica arena?

26-10-2015, 23:16
I've been looking around at replicas. I found this exact car on fleabay (he did mention it was there). I think it's a bit too old to start at the number he wants. I'd like to get it and part it out.

"If it seems too good to be true, it probably is".

27-10-2015, 14:05
Offer the guy 5k? It's got to be worth that in bits alone. I think you could easily spend 10-15k getting it up to a standard that you can sell it on for?

27-10-2015, 17:57
He was moving toward 8k. I think 5 is fair. I've looked around and if I had a total of 20K in this car over a couple years, I'd be lucky to sell it for what I'd have in it. For 20-30K, you can get ones that are mint with power windows and air con. This is a money pit.
Cooler than hell, but it's a money pit. I've already let it go.
There's no denying that anything mid engine, twin turbo and V8 RWD isn't totally awesome. This just isn't the one. Bummed out a little bit, just owning the chassis and engine would be really cool.

Jiff Lemon
27-10-2015, 20:34
I spent an hour with the guy. He has no idea how turbos work. Wiring? He knows even less than I do.

And its at this point, that you walk away.... Remember the "fun" of the lexus? Now repeat it - Without a wiring diagram or people to help you.
It'd be like a blind man, trying to locate a black labrador at the end of very dark cave.

27-10-2015, 20:54
Yes, that's true. But the thing with the small block Chevy 350 is that Summit racing and Painless wiring and Holley EFI and Edelbrock all sell plug and play systems for this engine, complete with the fuse boxes, relays and plugs, sensors, software- everything.

That is the only reason that I would have considered it. And this country is full of GM fans and I would have to disguise myself cleverly as one of them to sneak in and absorb some of the tips and tricks, only to run out the back with my head held low in shame for pretending to like Chevy things! hahaha

But yes, you're right. I knew it would have to be a big learning curve. I am really considering the winter project right now and I'm thinking possibly Mega squirt turbo something because I still feel defeated by that damn Mazzerexus mess.

27-10-2015, 21:00
Not a defeat, a learning experience for your next project :-)

Jiff Lemon
27-10-2015, 21:03
Don't fool yourself. Sure they sell plug and play stuff. But where do you think you're going to find a setup like that one? Off the shelf stuff is just that - it's off the shelf, for a predetermined configuration.

And thats just the engine. What about lights? Dash cluster? All that other stuff to get the car running and road legal?

As someone who foolishly once took on a complete rewire on a 70's TVR (I'll give a hint - Every single wire was black), you'll soon loose the will to live with it.

If you need to get over the mazzerexus, stay simple. Something you can turn around in a couple of months. Not something that hang round your neck like a boat anchor, draining the enthusiasm right out of you.

27-10-2015, 21:29
Lights are easy enough, the Mazzerpoop had indicators, high & low beams, brake lights etc. The dash stuff wasn't too bad either. My power windows even worked.
Now was it all circuit protected and relayed properly? Nah, it was either on 12V or off. There were two or three main fuses but that's about it.

But outside of that- yeah, you're right. I need something that will just work. Those boat anchor projects? That's exactly what they do and I want no part of that. The main lesson I took away from the last car? Have a running driving donor car before you attempt to transplant it in anything. It'll all come down to budget, as usual.

I believe in my heart I could pull off that Lambo replica but borrowing money to get it, using every last dime and all my waking moments to finish it only to see it over budget and taking too long and to lose money at the end? That's what will drain the life right out a person. This shit is supposed to be fun and I can't wait to get back on something that makes us laugh!

09-11-2015, 08:15
there is one about 1km from my place...the body is still on the transport frame on his shed roof...

if I wasn't working on the limo...Id have made him an offer......

there is a buick v6 one running round here too. rough is an understatement though, looked at it with the engine hatch open a few years back and was like...."ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww"

10-11-2015, 03:42
Yeah, I've let it go completely. That's something that if not completed by the first owner, should have been disassembled for parts.

14-11-2015, 17:17
This is the kind of stuff you'll see lots of on http://www.madmechanics.com/forum, plenty of build diaries an some wacky, some wonderful