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05-06-2015, 10:35
In my Mk3, I just put the V6 back in & I have 2 'spare' wires with nowhere to go!

1) Is from an earth point on the firewall, but where does it go to?

2) Is from the loom, just before it goes in/out the fusebox, the pair of wires are cut, did I cut them, or are they part of the V6 conversion?

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2015/06/40.jpg (http://s342.photobucket.com/user/nads1978/media/MRS/2015-06-04%2019.10.08b.jpg.html)

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2015/06/41.jpg (http://s342.photobucket.com/user/nads1978/media/MRS/2015-06-04%2019.10.31b.jpg.html)

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2015/06/42.jpg (http://s342.photobucket.com/user/nads1978/media/MRS/2015-06-04%2019.10.44b.jpg.html)

05-06-2015, 14:39
Also, what's this fuel line doing? Should it be the return to the tank? Does the 1MZ even have that? Should it be blocked off?
Or, have I missed something...

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2015/06/44.jpg (http://s342.photobucket.com/user/nads1978/media/MRS/2015-06-05%2014.35.48b.jpg.html)

05-06-2015, 22:07
Anyone? :(

05-06-2015, 22:45
Not familiar with mk3's only mk1 & mk2's, but, The 1mz in its natural habitat (camry/lexus) doesn't have a fuel return as its controlled inside the fuel tank. You now likely control this in the engine bay with a fuel pressure regulator, one inlet, one feed to the engine and one return to the tank. The one pictured is either a return or breather.

With the earth cables, I would check continuity between the engine and chassis, and/or add an extra earth strap for good measure although worth identifying where it was cut from to make sure all good.


05-06-2015, 22:48
Also on the second wire, trace it with a multimeter. Check each plug/connector one at a time if needed. :-)

Jiff Lemon
05-06-2015, 22:51
Sorry chap, pictures aren't the best but....

That Earth cable isn't mk3, so suspect it's been added and would therefore need attaching to the engine.... Quite where depends on who wired it! Toyota like a lot of earths on their engines!
That fuel line.... Where does it go? Sure it's not a vacuum hose for the servo?

05-06-2015, 22:56
If I blow down it, with the petrol cap off, air comes out the petrol filler. Must be a tank breather, or charcoal evap canister in the past?

05-06-2015, 22:59
The earth is not an issue, it is attached to the chassis, so I'll bung it on the gearbox/engine. If any issues develop later I'll bear it in mind, the other pair of wires (2), think it was cut before I got it. I'll unplug it and likewise, see what does, or doesn't happen!

Jiff Lemon
06-06-2015, 11:17
its working out whether they're from the Engine loom, or the body loom... Pics aren't the clearest!

08-06-2015, 18:41
Pics aren't the clearest!
Sorry, David Bailey was busy... My eyePhone and torch had to suffice. Anyhow, I had a look at Phaeton's mk3 & the earth isn't on his, so I'll attach it to the engine/gearbox. The other cable is the boot open/closed pin switch. Which I don't need, so will unplug and bin!
The tank vent... I've ordered a vent valve to prevent tank vacuum. Do I need to consider tank pressurisation too?

Jiff Lemon
08-06-2015, 23:30
Sorry, David Bailey was busy


Earth for the gearbox comes straight from the battery clamp; have you still got the charcoal cannister? sits on the O/S inner wing near the strut?

08-06-2015, 23:38
No canister, but I think that it's what should be connected to it (O/S? Think it's N/S, well, on the left, correct?).

Gearbox Earth is present and correct, this is an additional one. Only reaches as far as starter mounting bolts, so there it lives! I have thinned loads of unnecessary bits from the loom, so it's possible it was from that, or possible it was flapping in the wind. I made a comprehensive list of every step I took in removing the engine, that item wasn't on it.

Jiff Lemon
08-06-2015, 23:54

So you can see there it goes from the tank lid to charcoal cannister - there's then a vacum pipe from the charcoal canister to a VSV to engine vacuum.

09-06-2015, 00:03
So, what should I do with it? I don't want to instal a charcoal thingy and probably best not left open, or closed for that matter.
I ordered a one way valve to stop the tank getting negative pressure. Should I get another valve, plumb in parallel and flip it around to stop positive pressure too?