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05-06-2015, 03:12
This forum? It's all serious replica builders. I thought I would share the "good" fake Zonda.

I was going to join the forum but I don't have the shop, the skills, the money or the well, any of it. These guys are for real


But have a poke around once there. Crazy awesome some of the shit these guys can do.


05-06-2015, 03:14
Oh, and see if anyone can figure out what engine this guy is using?


05-06-2015, 10:27
M120 Mercedes-Benz v12... Looks like a Porsche or Audi gearbox. That exhaust it totally Amazing the guy has some real fabrication skills. It's nice to see a replica not made out of cardboard, expanding foam and body filler!

05-06-2015, 13:17

Hey Nick, i'm running a 4l lexus motor with a audi tdi box. I will fit two t3/t4 garrets with intercoolers.
Next one i will also be using the audi motor.
I like the toyota as it revs, & its light on fuel for everyday use plus i havnt broken one yet & they are dirt cheap here in SA.

I recognized it right away. He says this will be sold for 110 USD.

I did see a Merc V12 in the mocked up body by the end of the tread. I'm still reading it all....

05-06-2015, 13:24
Here is the guy's other build:


He twin turboed another 1UZ for this car too. They say 800bhp.

Yeah, I think I'm sticking with this engine for a while.

I like the guy's attitude- he is also quoted as saying this:
If you don't start building something you will never know if you have the skills or not. Even if you don't finish a project you will always learn something new from it, and how to do it better the next time round.
Cheers Jose'

05-06-2015, 13:41

05-06-2015, 20:18
Yep that's the money shot right there

05-06-2015, 20:48
Speaking of money, I wrote in an above post that the Zonda replica will be sold for 110 USD, that's $110,000.00 Wow.

27-06-2015, 14:57
the f40 rep...there was a really good one built here, carbon fibre cans, twin turbo 1uz. freaky fast.....

the web address on the sill points to it;)