View Full Version : Wiring twin cooling fans

Lee H
10-05-2014, 22:32
My car has no aircon but due to the extra heat likely from the 3SGTE I want to fit a second fan in the empty space for the aircon fan.

Have collected another pair of fans and have noticed they are different. Aircon fan has more blades and rotates in the opposite direction to the normal rad fan. They are the same size so I am thinking it best to fit the two normal fans I have so they match.

Just not sure one the wiring. If I bridge the second fan onto the first fans wiring am I likely to blow the relay or cause the fans to run at half speed? I also have the connector for the aircon fan but I assume this fan normally only works with the aircon switched on and doesn't have anything to do with coolant temps etc?

Anyone offer any advice?



11-05-2014, 13:38
Just run the 2nd fan off another relay pulled in by the 1st fan starting, that way not putting any extra load on the original fan relay.