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10-05-2014, 12:29
can anyone tell me if the UK spec cars have a factory immobilizer /security system which is part of the engine ECU??? if the car has a blinking red security light on the stereo or on the dash, it probably does. This is a common Toyota system world-wide but i cant seem to find out if was used in UK

I'm on the hunt for a 1ZZ manual trans ECU. if its made for a security system, i need the matching car key with in-build transponder. If not, I'm happy. Dont want the US spec ones as they are quite different

10-05-2014, 13:19
If you want a UK manual ecu and chip I will have one soon as im putting a 2zz in mine

Paul Woods
10-05-2014, 16:04
Or just get an ECU from the MR-S, no immobiliser.

18-05-2014, 11:39
paul, are you saying the UK market Spyder does not have a key based immobilizer???

cabbydave,, what is "chip"??

18-05-2014, 11:40
uk market does have a immobiliser inside the ecu

Paul Woods
18-05-2014, 11:45
paul, are you saying the UK market Spyder does not have a key based immobilizer???

No, i said the MR-S has no immobiliser, which is a JDM car, not UK, there is no such thing as a UK spec MR-S.

03-06-2014, 12:04
i still dont seem to have the answer i was hoping for as I think there is a misunderstanding over what the car is called

All ZZW30's sold here in Australia all had an immobilizer

i have wrecked out a few jap imported ZZW30's and the 2002 model had an immobilizer, whislt 2 x 2000 models did not

I'm trying to buy a manual ECU from a UK spec car, as it has the same petrol tank venting system as we have (which is quite different to USA).

If all UK cars come with ECU based immobilizer,then I'll need to get a master key with the ECU so i can mate it my car. Most of the UK vendors i can find are happy to sell me a ECU, but not a key

cabbydave,, can you sell me an ECU and key???

03-06-2014, 17:50
Do you just need the transponder out of the key? I've just gone 2zz so have a matching 1zz ecu and transponder (I assume you can fit the transponder into your existing key and re-code the car, that's how I did my 2zz)

04-06-2014, 19:40
I can do that but im not sure how much shipping will cost You wouldn't need a key just the chip out of the key shipping would be about 35