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25-04-2014, 00:49
Right then, which kit out of these two is best in your opinion ? Dave Jones 430 or the MR2kits 430 ?
Both seem to be decently priced & I believe Dave Jones owned MR2kits for a while but now it's owned by Terry Cole I think.
Just after good quality, good build instructions & decent after sales service.
Thanks in advance.

25-04-2014, 10:00
Have a word with pilot Pete on here or the Italian replica car club

25-04-2014, 14:18
PM 'PaulCas' on here, he brought his V6 DNA 360 - Mk3 Roadster conversion to JAE last year and it had a lot of attention. It looked and sounded very impressive.

26-05-2014, 15:58
Have a look at my build tread on the Dnaoc, rudycob1 and see what you think.
You get what you pay for and I must say that the DNA kit is spot on in everyway.
Paul Woods even commented on the car when I took it for the v6 conversion.
The guys at DNA are great, very helpful and great owners forum.
Where do you live? I'm in Doncaster and welcome to come and have a look at the car if you want.