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Jiff Lemon
03-04-2014, 11:16
Figured I'd start a thread on this - For those that didn't know how this came about, the original thread is here (http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?21680-Trying-to-please-women)

So, to recap: Officially, this is the little ladies car....

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2013/08/208.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/IMAG0407_zpsdae82508.jpg.html)

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2013/08/209.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/IMAG0435_zpscbf34dfd.jpg.html)

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2013/08/210.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/IMAG0436_zps422acb9d.jpg.html)

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2013/08/211.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/IMAG0438_zps17654e6f.jpg.html)

Obviously, there's no point owning a car and not modding it! So she's had so far:

GTO rear view mirror and clear interior light mods

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/04/6.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/IMAG0866_zpsppav9djn.jpg.html)

Likwidart Midship bonnet badge

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/04/7.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/IMAG0865_zpsr0nv7bi_edit_1396549930133_zpsbuzestzb .jpg.html)
Chrome rings on centre console, tweeters and Dash clocks
Pool ball Gear knob
The TNS-410 satnav/radio from my mk1
http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/04/8.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/IMAG0715_zps7czf5vl5.jpg.html)

Hard top

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2013/12/5.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/IMAG0683_zps82f69670.jpg.html)

Jiff Lemon
03-04-2014, 11:18
Couple of new mods added this week:

The obligatory clear repeaters:

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/04/9.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/IMAG0859_zpsu3i0arml.jpg.html)

And some more chrome bling:

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/04/10.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/IMAG0863_zps0kwlkwrk.jpg.html)

Paul Woods
03-04-2014, 18:22
Nice subtle little mods there Jiffy.

Jiff Lemon
03-04-2014, 20:49
plenty more to come :thumbsup:

03-04-2014, 21:09
Very nice Jeff. My mk2 is the same, its actually nice doing some normal mods!



Jiff Lemon
05-04-2014, 17:56
Todays work:
Removed the rear lights; Previous owner had tinted them, unfortunately, he laid the paint on so thick it ran, then decided to add more for good measure.

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/04/40.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/IMAG0868_zps7pwnbb4m.jpg.html)

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/04/41.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/IMAG0869_zps49dtbl1z.jpg.html)

So lots of thinners later.....

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/04/42.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/IMAG0870_zpsprlxf1nk.jpg.html)

I think I will re-tint them, just better than they were done before!

However, I also threw these in the blaster...

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/04/43.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/IMAG0867_zpsjq8qb1d0.jpg.html)

Pre-facelift front bracing bars. Got to decide whether to powder coat them or body colour them.

05-04-2014, 20:02
I actually think that the clean rear light looks much better, and a lot less chav.

Oh and colour coded.


06-04-2014, 00:00
Pity they never made white rears with red and orange led bulbs I think would look good, or could be wrong and they end up like lexarse chav lights.
I'm with Chris the cleaned up rears look good

06-04-2014, 00:24
What engine is going in that one mate :)

Jiff Lemon
07-04-2014, 17:48
What engine is going in that one mate :)

Lots to do before those thoughts start! Bear in mind its technically the good ladies car; Her daily driver is a Toyota IQ with 68Bhp so the 2 has twice the power she's used to!

Looking nice, handling nice are the priorities at the moment.

08-04-2014, 14:22
lol nice. Hope she enjoys it. I've been struggling to find any mr2 in my price range over here so currently looking into a nissan 300zx. Hope the good lady has fun

Jiff Lemon
26-04-2014, 18:52
Another update:

This ones been stretched over the last 3 weekends....

Pop out a seat, remove the runners, remove the base and loosen off these tabs

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/04/250.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/583535B9-CBF0-40A1-AACE-1D32C3E134C8_zps2tqwbsnp.jpg.html)

and it untucks like this:

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/04/251.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/20CD98CB-85FC-4FEF-9DD9-41227FD259C6_zps2dcksnyb.jpg.html)

start to do battle with hogrings....

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/04/252.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/C5D63605-85DA-4299-9D32-1A0E9BEF3723_zpsialousom.jpg.html)

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/04/253.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/4C3AF1FF-3E96-424F-AB2B-CE99A1B8773D_zpsmikmbdvt.jpg.html)

and you get this:

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/04/254.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/48AE177F-D44B-4124-913E-B0230416BFC7_zpsolfexcky.jpg.html)

cut a little foam out for a temp sensor

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/04/255.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/C5209636-FC7F-419A-B9B4-EDFDC4C24268_zps96rbp40l.jpg.html)

before moving to the back squab; unzip from the bottom, remove more bloody hogrings....

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/04/256.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/AB9870F8-F812-415E-B8D5-A225A8364280_zpsu1ruanlc.jpg.html)

peel up cover... more bloody hogrings...

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/04/257.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/F57A9D33-D619-4F02-A1CE-B235255D82A3_zpsrnef40u8.jpg.html)

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/04/258.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/D2B735EA-A50C-49E9-8EC7-BDD33D6EE47F_zpsghkjgwep.jpg.html)

realize you completely forgot to take important pictures of the sole reason for doing ALL of this.... :eusa_wall:

Anyway... add heated seat pad, fasten up hogrings and reassemble.

drill out and fit switches....

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/04/259.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/F777B864-B438-46E8-9872-03CE04BF6716_zpsvcxfy40k.jpg.html)

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/04/260.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/E4E098D2-097F-4D29-95F1-DFBBC68C4D50_zpsh0ned2p7.jpg.html)

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/04/261.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/E18DFAD8-D41C-4CB1-947B-8B14E8D7A7F8_zpsetuaeqth.jpg.html)

and finally, wire up!

Result? toasty bottoms and back on demand.

For anyone attempting it, let me give one tip - Buy some hogring pliers..... (I didn't, which is why it took 3 weeks!)

Paul Woods
26-04-2014, 18:55
Now that's pretty spiffy mr Jiffy! I like a lot.

Does that heater kit come with its own relay etc?

Jiff Lemon
26-04-2014, 19:23
Yup - the whole she-bang - one relay per seat, all pre-wired. 1 positive, 1 earth and 1 ignition feed to plumb in.

From zero to toasty in about 2 mins.

It was this kit (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/170923067489) but with separate switches. May do with same thing with the sparco's in the Mk1!

Paul Woods
26-04-2014, 19:42
Fantastic, i'm going to steal this mod from you if that's ok!

26-04-2014, 21:18
Nice upgrade sir.


Jiff Lemon
27-04-2014, 20:47
Fantastic, i'm going to steal this mod from you if that's ok!

Worth every penny sir, bit if heat does wonders for the aching back!

27-04-2014, 21:45
Worth every penny sir, bit if heat does wonders for the aching back!Exactly my thoughts young Jiff. That really is well thought out matey, good work.

27-04-2014, 23:39
Nice work Jif, ps I've got a new toyota airfilter if it's any good to you? Foc of course

Jiff Lemon
07-06-2014, 16:26
Few more bits ticked off the "to do" list this weekend.As regular readers of this forum with no doubt be aware, i'm not a fan of bodykits, which is what possibly makes this round of mods quite a shocker!

Her rear used to look like this:
http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/06/53.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/593AD9C4-3196-40B9-81A7-3DE10D580C54_zpscmaqzk9x.jpg.html)

So, i much prefer the facelift rear bumper, but thats not available in my green; We're also not the biggest fans of the nappy (the rear undertray). I've still got it on the list of jobs to take off, and drill out all the various butchered screws that prevent from sitting properly, but for now....

A little bit of this:
http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/06/54.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/1529F3A3-1D30-428B-8091-C9104A256DBD_zpsogztju97.jpg.html)

and this:
http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/06/55.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/EE43ECB3-9338-41D4-ACBD-C49D66F5F21E_zpsc7zp136a.jpg.html)

leads to this:
http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/06/56.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/9A2AFCF5-6CA7-4A66-B3FD-132215D02402_zps2awn4spj.jpg.html)

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/06/57.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/0BF12C66-D57B-4D9D-AF4A-0C4BF5084669_zpsfnfyvtwl.jpg.html)

and smallest subtlest spoiler I could find...
http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/06/58.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/AEB87A99-DD95-476F-837C-590661B9B61D_zpsrnvdaah0.jpg.html)

and facelift rear side vents for good measure:
http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/06/59.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/1F3F8D91-B951-47E4-BF29-149EB8FE43A6_zpsbls35b01.jpg.html)
http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/06/60.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/E4BB63D3-6A8E-48CF-9A50-3D46032D2F87_zpsqrjz0zj2.jpg.html)

07-06-2014, 16:49
That is a really nice little car. You're making me grow quite fond of those MK3's. Looks cool.

Jiff Lemon
27-07-2014, 21:56
Another weekend under Harriet:

Brace yourself!
FL Front brace:
http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/07/234.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/C75C5701-46A3-48D3-A638-64CCB75B0C4F_zpszxagik5q.jpg.html)

and Matt's Midd Brace

http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2014/07/235.jpg (http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/jifflemon/media/Harriet/E675E57D-7397-4807-8614-94EDFBA239EA_zpsfa30heue.jpg.html)

Huge improvement on feel; recommended to any MK3 owner! :thumbsup:

27-07-2014, 21:59
Nice braces. Can't beat a bit of stiffness

Jiff Lemon
27-07-2014, 22:03
Oh and she went through her MOT just needing a handbrake cable; what fun that was!

For those that don't know, its a fuel tank off job! So at the same time, I also did battle with the nappy fasteners and whilst not perfect, its a damn site more secure now than its ever been!

28-07-2014, 12:11
tank out for a serviceable item? boo to that sir!

28-07-2014, 12:18
Is the tank in the same place? Not fun. I would rather take the engine out.


28-07-2014, 13:22
nice work jeff.

Jiff Lemon
28-07-2014, 23:01
Is the tank in the same place? Not fun. I would rather take the engine out.


Look at the brace pics - see any tank?

They shifted it (and lord only knows why) to sit behind the rear floor pan, under the rear luggage bins.

29-07-2014, 09:26
Look at the brace pics - see any tank?

That's why i asked! Is it as much fun to get at?


02-08-2014, 13:18
Those braces look great. I am wondering what is the biggest engine you can get into an MK3....

Jiff Lemon
02-08-2014, 14:28
People have done 2GRs, as its *officially* the ladies car, it'll eventually get a 2zz.

Jiff Lemon
18-05-2015, 00:52
As many of you may have guessed from Paul Wood's recent thread, there's a 2zz-ge swap about to happen. "Now just hang on Jiffy" some of you may say, "haven't you got the Mk1 V6 swap on the go? Where's your bloody priorities!" And you'd be correct. The Mk1 is still ongoing, it's a slow burner that one! The Mk3 jumped the queue as it's my daily and one fateful night, the gearbox let go. And whilst walking/cycling to work is great for my health, I'm getting serious sideways withdrawal symptoms. Now if you're pulling the gearbox, its only one more engine mount to drop the engine. And if you're doing that.... well, you get the picture!

So why 2zz? Well, for a number of reasons:

1) If you don't know already, the 1zz engine, is a time-bomb, particularly in the earlier cars (like mine). Poor design leads to sticking rings, leads to oil consumption and oval bore wear.

2) That 1zz is an FE engine; Remember that F stands for "Economy narrow-angle valve" and that it's a long stroke engine, it's purpose if fuel economy - NOT the thing we want in a sports car! We want the G version, where G is "Performance wide-angle valve" and it's a nice square stroke/bore ratio!

and now the important ones.....

3) A 2zz-ge package just happen to land on my lap at the right time.

4) The swap in itself, seems to get a bit of stick over here; It's something we've seen before here on TB, where the great unwashed like to preach about why NOT to do swap, without having ever done one, or been near one. I swear, I'm half expecting someone to pipe up about how the extra weight will ruin the handling or that carputer predicts the lap-times to be infinitely slower than a standard car....

So, the plan is to do the swap, document the swap, in it's entirety, so that others may follow in the footsteps if they so wish. Its what we're all about here on TB. It's touted as a home builders swap, so should be perfect TB fodder. And whilst I'll have a few luxuries a home builder won't have, those with a lack of projects may start to look to the 'Bay and notice MK3's with blown engines are very common and are right down there with Mk2 prices, and those celica boys seem to crash quite a lot!

Paul Woods
18-05-2015, 07:05
The swap in itself, seems to get a bit of stick over here; It's something we've seen before here on TB, where the great unwashed like to preach about why NOT to do swap, without having ever done one, or been near one. I swear, I'm half expecting someone to pipe up about how the extra weight will ruin the handling or that carputer predicts the lap-times to be infinitely slower than a standard car....


18-05-2015, 09:00
I think you're onto a winner..... I know the 2zz mk1 swaps get a bit of stick on here. To me in a mk3 it just makes sense given the ammount of work involved in 3s and v6 swaps on mk3s.

Jiff Lemon
18-05-2015, 09:02
There's the semi sensible line; If you're paying someone to do the swap, then swapping a V6 is probably close to the same money as a 2ZZ; Donors are about the same too.

However, if you're doing the swap yourself.... Chalk and cheese!

18-05-2015, 11:06
You have a follower here, I have one of these


Which does this


So I got one of these


That is as far as I have got so far so will be watching this post very closely.

18-05-2015, 22:58

Jiff Lemon
23-08-2015, 22:01
So, the swap is pretty much completed.

Very, very huge public thanks go to Mr Woods for my frankenstein gearbox build and to Mr Chambers (Aka Headcase) for his constant advice and patience. MOT should be next weekend, just got two front tyres on order and should really do Discs/Pads/Calipers/brake fluid too...

24-08-2015, 07:33
I have these subtle little puppies available with 4 brand spankers on


Jiff Lemon
24-08-2015, 08:22
They FL or PFL?

24-08-2015, 08:54
PFL 15" front & rear

Jiff Lemon
24-08-2015, 16:50
Ah, I run FL wheels....

Jiff Lemon
29-08-2015, 11:29
Please to report she sailed through the Mot; Advisory on handbrake travel, but as I've got all the new discs/pads/calipers/hoses still to fit, I'm not worried about that!

29-08-2015, 13:46
Good to here it :)

Jiff Lemon
19-09-2015, 18:08
Little bit of an update to report on some body mods.... Yes those things I despise..

She gained for JAE, a face bumper with fog lamps, a "proper" MRS badge to replace the liqwuid art one, and a pair of TRD side skirts.



Still need to wire up the fogs of course, but I'll do that when I finally get round to fitting these. (http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?22437-headlamp-swappage)

Jiff Lemon
22-09-2015, 19:49
Just finishing wrapping the exhaust manifold in some heat wrap - Will take some pics tomorrow as it's too dark now.

If you've never done it before, heres a couple of tips:
1) *MOST IMPORTANT* - Wear long sleeves and gloves. The stuff is typically fibreglass based so the last thing you want to that itch you just can't scratch enough.
2) Soak the stuff in water. It then lets you wrap it tighter around the manifold and, as with so many things in life, the tighter, the better.
3) Aim to overlay it by about half each wrap.
4) Plan it out first - On my manifold, its a 4>2, so I used I piece to wrap 2 pipes, meaning it only needs fastening at the head end of the manifold.

Jiff Lemon
23-09-2015, 18:38
Pic to complete:


Jiff Lemon
10-10-2015, 14:46
Dropped the headlamps in this morning - Haven't worked out the wiring yet, but it stops the good lady moaning about them being sat in the front room! :eusa_silenced:

So, Harriet has gone from this:

To this:

Jiff Lemon
23-10-2015, 16:52
Thought I'd do a quick follow up post on what the 2zz is like as a daily driver.

I appreciate that anyone who's just completed a swap is always going to positive about it, but he's my take.

Its fricking awesome. :cool:

The engine weighs a tiny bit more but that's about it. The engine starts and drives almost like a standard 1zz. The better half hasn't noticed a difference (but then again, she changes gear at 4k!). It's returning (almost) the same fuel consumption figures as it did pre-swap. However, get her warmed up and send the revs into the naughty zone and oh lord!!! The engine tone changes and so does the pace. You can go into very naughty speeds without even thinking about it or leaving 3rd gear. The shining star in the whole conversion is the gearbox.

Anyone who's swapped the 2zz without changing the gearbox, frankly, you've done it wrong. You're missing out on the best part. At first it appears massively short ratio'd - You can find yourself stirring the cogs around town quite a lot. Thankfully, swapping the 6-speed shifter in has meant every gear change has hit home with the usual sick-snick perfect shift feel. 6th gear, even with the longer MR2 6th gear, seems a little short, as 70 mph has the revs at 3.5k. However, you need to wrap your head around the fact that half the time, you're only halfway through the engine rev range. 8,200 rpm. Read that again. It's a scary figure. When you do decide to engage hero mode and take the thing to the red line, the box delivers the goods. Each gear change drops you beautifully back into the lift zone and you surge on into a dizzying blur. That once short ratio box suddenly seems very long legged! I'll be perfectly honest and say I've run out of road long before I've run out of gears.

I've a couple more jobs to do to her; Undertrays need to go back on, there's some TTE springs looking for a home, need to shift the ARB's from full soft to full stiff and then the obligatory 4 wheel alignment. With winter fast approaching,how much of that gets done is debatable. I'll probably not have time to hook up the good old fashioned G-tech meter and work out some actual 0-60 and power figures however, the Bum-Dyno says it's just fine. However, something that's been niggling me for some time, is the question a balance; I used to believe there was never such as thing as too much power; Now, a little older and a lot wiser, I tend to think differently. A 2zz Mk3 is a beautifully balanced thing. It's flexible enough to be handed over to the other half without a endless list of do's and don't s. It's sensible enough to be driven as daily without having to worry about unforgiving road manners. And thrown into lift, it'll satisfy the adrenalin junky in me with ease.

23-10-2015, 18:50
Good to hear although you know it needs a charger

Jiff Lemon
24-10-2015, 08:48
Nah, it's pretty damn perfect as it is!

24-10-2015, 20:16
It sounds sweet, I love high reving cars, I remember my first time driving a vtec type r accord, cam lift is addictive :-)