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06-03-2014, 21:15
I have just got myself a Camry V6, MR2 mk3. I am new to MR2s, and have been trying to find some info.

I would like to get some more potent brakes, all the existing 4 callipers are manky and of questionable integrity. I have just put new BC coil overs on, and new drop links. Next I want the hoses and callipers sorting, I got quotes for reconditioned ones, at about 70 per corner. If I am spending on callipers, then are there any direct upgrades from the Toyota (or other) parts bin?

I'm sure recon callipers and decent pads/disks would be an improvement, but with future power upgrades in the pipeline, want to spend only once on the brakes!

Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, please direct me as I can't find it!

06-03-2014, 22:29
Nice purchase. How are you finding it?

I've personally not heard of anyone upgrading the mk3 brakes to better OE Toyota parts. I've seen people with larger wheels who track a lot with K-sport upgrades at the front, not cheap though. The brakes IMO are very good standard but the best bang for buck is upgrade the pads to Carbotech xp8's. Really good. Phenomenal stopping. Only trade offs are they are slightly noisy day to day, bit dusty and a fair bit more than oem but they seem to be lasting quite well considering...

06-03-2014, 22:53
Not really driven it much, the front is very light I'm hoping the BCs with soft settings on the front will help.
I'm just fixing the bits that I feel are substandard, so I'll probably get reconditioned OE callipers with XP8s, I had XP10s on my old Evo, which are too aggressive for what I want (and they need warming up). I can't justify the cost aftermarket Callipers either.

Jiff Lemon
06-03-2014, 23:05
I've never had an issue with the standard brakes and that's even after LOTS of "enthusiastic" driving :icon_mrgreen:

Standard recon brakes with some decent pads and you'll be fine. :thumbsup: