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Lee H
12-01-2014, 22:18
Evening all,

Decided to start a thread now as hopefully things will start to get a bit more interesting with the car now. Don't get a great deal of time to work on it but here goes.

Decided to have a change from my mk1.5 as fancied something a little newer, never liked the mk2 so went straight on to a mk3.


Now I know the mk3 can look a little feminine so it had to be a black one. This came up local.



Complete with ditch finder tyres as most of them are and in need of a good polish. Love the handling and driving position but not the power.

Had the standard wheels powder coated and fitted new Toyo's. Fitted a chassis brace and also TTE lowering springs. Also fitted a TRD replica bodykit to make it look a bit more manly.


Then I cut down the plates slightly and fitted a hardtop.




Then I bought these mounts off Noob on here to fit a 3SGTE into a mk3.


Bottled it as not much info out there on the swap and bought this. Also didn't want the car off the road as I love driving it.


Decided I didn't want this either as 190bhp wouldn't cut it.

Also bought another car to crave my fast car needs as can be seen in the above picture.


320ish bhp but still not as fun as the MR2.

Decided to pull my finger out and decided the 3SGTE was what was needed.


Also bought an updated radiator.


And fitted along with the chargecooler rad.


Trying to do as many of the small jobs as possible to minimise the time the car is off the road although I expect to be without it for a few months at some point.

Lee H
12-01-2014, 22:20
Engine is a forged rev 3 lump running pretty stock at the moment. Has a LSD box and paddle clutch so ready for more power. Going to remove the head before fitting to see if I can see any reason for the totally random overheating issue that blighted the mk1 last year.

Jiff Lemon
12-01-2014, 23:14
what happened to the 2zz?

Lee H
12-01-2014, 23:47
Sat in my kitchen at the moment. Have stripped it though.

13-01-2014, 08:31
320 bhp from an FN2? Explain yourself!

Lee H
13-01-2014, 10:23
FD2 cams
Skunk 2 throttle body
Balance shafts deleted
CPL header
CPL intake
Invidia exhaust
Jackson Racing supercharger
750cc injectors
Updated fuel system with return
Hondata flashpro
Quaife LSD
Clutchmasters paddle clutch
Peak power is at limiter of 8700rpm

13-01-2014, 13:07
Hoo ha, thats a fair ol' bill of parts.

Jiff Lemon
13-01-2014, 23:27
Sat in my kitchen at the moment. Have stripped it though.

oooo box too? Celica or corrolla?

If you're looking to minimise downtime, you going to do things like fuel return on a spare tank/pump? Should be cheap as they don't seem to fail often.

Lee H
14-01-2014, 07:21
Box as well. From a 02 plate Celica. Got the swap header, spare 1ZZ loom, injector rail, dipstick tube, just needs the bridge mount to go in a mk3.

Going to do as many jobs like that as I can. Running chargecooler pipes and battery cable next weekend and relocating battery. Fitting a uprated fuel pump so good shout on getting a spare to convert.

Going to be a pain but going to remove rear crossmember for cutting and welding one weekend and then paint and refit till I'm ready as well.

Jiff Lemon
14-01-2014, 07:34
Pick up a spare cross member? Given the way they rot, you could possibly use a dead one and reclaim it? Plus you'll have decent one to sell on when you finally do the swap!

Lee H
20-02-2014, 22:01
Bought some Rotas last weekend in 16". Think car needs coilovers and lowering a bit more.




20-02-2014, 22:45
Slam that ass to the ground, how much air is under those arches?

Lee H
15-03-2014, 21:44
Engine out today. Knackered now, getting too old for this.






Had enough for today. Plan to have an easier day tomorrow and just clean the engine bay etc.

Lee H
16-03-2014, 21:35
Today's work.

Fitted walbro pump. Just waiting for my mate to knock me something up at work to blank off the stock regulator now.


Cleaned the bay. Not that you can tell as Toyota decided to put so little paint in here.



Also removed the air intake tube from the passenger side 1/4 as its no longer needed.

Found some shifter bearings from my mk1 and they fitted the mk3.


Need to get the outer cv's off the turbo shaft now as they need a little machining to fit the mk3 hubs.

16-03-2014, 22:10
Good update, you sir have been busy!



17-03-2014, 14:47
Looking good. Where is all the snow?

Lee H
23-03-2014, 18:51
It's in. Clearance is tight everywhere. Had to hack the rear cross brace thing up and planning to move the engine cover catch and bar back as inlet it tight against it.

Better be worth it.




Jiff Lemon
23-03-2014, 22:56
looking good Lee! Is the regulator being done to avoid having to run a return pipe to the tank?

Lee H
23-03-2014, 23:00
Have blanked the standard regulator so I can run the 3S return system. Return is being ran through the standard evap tank line.

Lee H
23-03-2014, 23:02

Good guess but a bit more needed.






Jiff Lemon
23-03-2014, 23:27
once re-welded, get it back off, shotblasted, powdercoated and wax injected! :thumbsup:

24-03-2014, 02:50
A lot better than the night pic. Let me know if you have questions.

29-03-2014, 02:10
You guys make me look like a monkey with a stick chasing a balloon! Nice work! Even tempting me with a mk3 if i didn't have my heart set on a mk2 next, but, i'll defiantly be getting one for the collection! Some of the body bits and mods do take the femininity away!

Lee H
29-03-2014, 19:41
Got quite a bit done today.

Heatshielding. Hope its enough.


Chargecooler and strut brace just about fit.




Coolant bottle fitted.


Rear crossmember.


Big daft airfilter.


How I left it.


Lee H
30-03-2014, 21:11
Decided a few hours was plenty on the car today.

Painted crossmember and pumped loads of rust preventer into it.


Refitted along with ARB and got the car back on its wheels.






Ride height ok.


Still to do:

Clutch line
Heater return line and radiator line

30-03-2014, 21:24
Nice update. Its a good feeling putting a car back on its feet again.

I tend to measure builds in three stages; strip, prep and rebuild.

The rebuild bit in particular is a great feeling as you see the list of jobs shrinking and the car start to take shape.

Keep them updates coming.


Jiff Lemon
30-03-2014, 21:49
Loving it! Coming along very nicely indeed. Have you got plans for the exhaust yet? Was it rev2 or 3 engine? Just wondering whether you'll be forced to run a cat or not? *hint* it DEFINITELY was a pre-92 engine.... :thumbsup:

Lee H
30-03-2014, 21:57
Rev 3 but that won't matter, my 2007 Civic has no cat either :icon_wink:

Considering using the Blitz Nur spec off my other Roadster however not sure it's big enough, only 2 3/8" piping whereas stock turbo is already 2 1/2". That the easier solution rather than getting one built from scratch.

Jiff Lemon
30-03-2014, 22:09
You're not a million miles from JPexhausts if you wanted a custom.

Lee H
30-03-2014, 22:26
They built the one on my turbo Nova many years ago, was great quality. Quite a few mates use them. The price of aftermarket Raodster exhausts is stupid for some reason.

Jiff Lemon
31-03-2014, 07:11
The price of aftermarket Raodster exhausts is stupid for some reason.

I know! Especially given how short the bloody pipework is and that we've a single box!

Lee H
04-04-2014, 07:33
My mate made this for me to blank the gearbox speedo drive hole as its not used now and leaving the drive in interfered with the crossmember. Had an hour last night so got it fitted along with the clutch line.


Managed to get standard clutch line all connected with a lot of bending and manipulation to direct it away from the downpipe. Need to heat wrap downpipe still and apply more heat reflection to the lower bulkhead as can only just get hand between that and downpipe.

Also fitted my wideband.


Started fitting my AVCR in the centre cubby hole as well but ran out of time.

Jiff Lemon
04-04-2014, 12:42
Do you not need something to pick up VSS info?

Lee H
04-04-2014, 13:34
Picks up from the abs rings.

Lee H
16-04-2014, 15:01
After some quite challenging wiring it runs, I'm absolutely over the moon. Seriously doubted whether I'd be able to get this far on my own.

Only issues left are exhaust system needs joining up (beyond my skills) and need some sort of trigger wheel and crank sensor setup if I want the stock rev counter to work.



Jiff Lemon
16-04-2014, 19:17
Amazing effort! looking forward to a Vid!

You had a look here (http://trigger-wheels.com/store/contents/en-uk/d5.html) for a trigger wheel i guess? Or you too busy grinning with a well earned beer? :booz:

Paul Woods
16-04-2014, 19:28
Very well done Lee.

Lee H
16-04-2014, 20:22
Cheers guys. Going away for some sun shortly and a well earned break so will be leaving the car alone for a bit now. Just had to see if it started before I go.

Lee H
01-06-2014, 21:46
Just to update this, car is on the road now and passed MOT Saturday morning! Put the first 60 miles on since the engine swap and all seems ok. Not much boost as still working through the tank of regular unleaded.






02-06-2014, 06:40
Excellent work Lee. What did you do about the exhaust in the end? Look forward to seeing a video once it's up to full boost.

Lee H
02-06-2014, 07:55
Cut up my old mk1.5 system and had it modified to join up to the Mk3 Blitz system. Not ideal but will do to get some miles on it.

Lee H
22-07-2014, 22:11
400 miles down and quite a few teething issues. Fixed some of them however the engine bay temps aren't so easy.

Planning to move the alternator back to the mk2 location to free up a bit of breathing space around the bulkhead and manifold. Have also removed the rain tray which has made a difference.

Had an issue with the coolant boiling over 5 mins after turning the car off rather than the normal localised boiling. Pressure cap would hiss and dump all the coolant in the overflow bottle and then the floor. Filler neck was all corroded on inspection so the cap wasn't sealing and holding the correct pressure. Hasn't boiled over since but keep expecting the worst every time I turn it off.

Also need a new exhaust, this is killing the power and seems to drop off boost quite quickly on gear changes, had to turn duty right up on AVCR just to make 1 bar.

Some pics from the other night.




Jiff Lemon
22-07-2014, 22:31
Glad your battling with it than giving up - its heady days of pioneering again!

What about an anti-perc pump to keep circulating coolant post shutdown? The renault 5 GT turbo and clio 16V's had them when they first came out.
Exhaust may help with temps too - if it's being strangled you'll have a lot of heat building up there. You going to lag the be-jesus out of the new system?

22-07-2014, 22:41
I was studying a 3vz pump recently with a view to gutting it in favour of an electric water pump.

You can wire them into a turbo timer so that they will continue to circulate water long after the engine is switched off.

You can also set them at a constant speed to keep the temp down in traffic etc.


Lee H
22-07-2014, 23:06
Used to have a 5 turbo, the perc fan actually blew cold air at the carb rather than circulating coolant from my memory.

I suspected a cracked block the other week and was ready to throw in the towel and get a Honda K20. Decided to persevere a little longer. Downpipe is already fully lagged but its a cheap rubbish one, would be a little more concerned about wrapping an expensive exhaust system although I know a lot of people who have.

VW electric water pump was another idea but the thing stopping me is the fact I shouldn't need it and am likely masking another issue somewhere.