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23-06-2013, 12:42
Guess this should go in here. I've put the 355 kitted Mk2 up for sale to get some drive space back and i have the following :http://www.twobrutal.co.uk/forum/images/recovered/2013/06/271.jpg

+A pile of Mk2 bits, subframes, struts, wheels, gearbox and engine.

The 205 stands me at next to nothing and i don't want to scrap such a good shell.

So plan is,

* strip the 205 and sell on the interior, engine and everything else.
* Cut out the floor of the rear of the car and weld in a full Mk2 clip from strut tower to strut tower.
* Frame out the rear of the car with a cage.* Install the Mk2 front struts and gubbins into the front.
* OZ Superleggeras
* See how it goes with the 3SGE, probably swap to a V6 further down the line.

They did it with the Mr2 Mini. might as well give this one a go instead.

Paul Woods
23-06-2013, 13:05
Is this one going to happen mate?

23-06-2013, 13:13
Yeah i have all the bits there and a summer to do it. The 355 was just looking too much hassle the more i got into it. Just need rid of that and i've got space to work on it.

If i don't have something to play with i'll end up tinkering with the 911 and that's only going to end up expensive!

Paul Woods
23-06-2013, 13:14
One of the problems you will encounter making Mk2 struts work on the front is the 205 has its rack on the rear of the hubs, that is nearest the cabin, a Mk2 has its rack on the front of the hubs, nearest the bumper.... so you will need to swap them left to right to put the track rod end at the rear of the hub.

Now the problem there is that swapping them over screws the ackerman angles up totally, someone did this (i think Bill Strong) and ended up having to weld arms onto the stock track rod mounting to get the ackerman working again.... it was a nightmare.

I think it would be easier to remount the Mk2 rack ahead of the hubs and keep it like the Mk2 is.

Jiff Lemon
23-06-2013, 21:27
Why not just keep the 205 front end as is?

23-06-2013, 21:31
Purely thinking of wheel fitment. Might be able to work round that though.