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05-12-2012, 15:34
Hello all

I was wondering if anyone has fitted DRL's to their car. I had some Ring Led DRL's on my last car, and they were really good with a strong white light. You see some people driving along with after market one's that have a weak light or a tinge of blue in them. and some may have just been better of putting some xmas tree lights on.lol

I was wondering that the ones made by Ring especially the Lyra model (18 led's in each light) cost me a lot of money, I think around 55 for my last car. Has anyone bought cheaper ones from fleabay or somewhere that they found were really good ?
Pictures would be nice if you have them.


11-12-2012, 02:38
I don't have any experience with these but going by what ive seen from other vehicles id go with the best you can afford. Ive seen other cars with the cheaper ebay crap and the lenses turn yellow with water ingress or random led's stop illuminating . As with most things the saying stands do it cheap do it twice.

Im interested in where you mount them though as its something i personally would be interested in doing.

11-12-2012, 08:45
After alot of thinking I have bought another set of Ring Lyra (18 Led's per unit). I have investigated putting string of Led's in the lense etc..
But the bottom line is that if you want effective OEM brightness type of lights;

1. The more quality Led's close to each other, the better the effect and brightness.
2. It has been proved that they do prevent accidents that may otherwise happened
3. The led's need to be lensed and have a reflector just like a OEM light unit.

I had these Ring Lyra lights on my last car, and they were really good, everything is automatic with only 3 wires to connect.
Last time I chopped some of the grille out, but this time I am making a extension bracket and mounting behing the grille. Ring also do a round fog light type of DRL, I don't know how much less brighter this is, but it would probably fit straight into the your fog lights. You can always pop into Halfords and press the try me button on the boxes to get a idea.