View Full Version : Stande alone EMS question...to CAN Bus or not?

05-05-2011, 17:35
Hi guys! i haven't posted much...but always follow all the V6 builds. I hope someone can help me out.
I am approaching the end of my 1MZ build for my Mk3. A little back round on the build:-
1MZ non VVT, with ITB's using a Vi-Pec V88 (with CanBus protocol) standalone ems.

I was wondering, if anyone has the ID for the Mk3 ECU Dash CAN bus, so that hopefully we can get the Vi-Pec to talk to the Mk3 dash? or alternatively if this doesn't work what would you recommend?
I read in earlier posts that maybe i should only run standalone for fueling/ignition. Leave the rest to the original ECU, but I am concerned about conficting signals. Paul woods also mentioned running a dedicated temp sensor & Radiator fan direct to dash? However, this Vi-Pec is an awesome piece of EMS and can run it all(so the tuner has told me and from what I've found on the web). I may sound a little confused.....because I am. I want to make the best decision but am not the well informed when it comes to the electronics part. Can anyone please help!!:eusa_pray: