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23-04-2011, 00:00
I have been having fun today, dropped the gearbox and popped my new clutch in. ( Stock Mk3 box on this one) Got box back on, eventually, and all seemed well until I filled witth gearbox oil. Oil was leaking from the offside (RH) driveshaft oil seal on the driveshaft's entry point into the box. Must have caught it with the end of the shaft when I was wrestling it into position. :icon_confused:

Anyway, I'm going to have to get a new oil seal in there and I wondered if anyone had a part number for that handy please? I tried looking it up, but not sure exactly which bit it is. Got to order one first thing tomorrow, so any help gratefully appreciated. :thumbsup:

Also, am I right in thinking , if I unmount the intermediate bearing from the block and withdraw the wheel/ hub assembly, ( yes I know some bits of suspension bars need to be undone), then the shaft should slide out of the box?

Paul Woods
23-04-2011, 09:24
Hi Nige, here's your PN 90311-35051... you can change the seal very easily by just undoing two bolts on the bottom suspension arms, unbolt the two bolts on the supported shaft bracket and you will have enough freeplay to pull the shaft out of the box far enough to change the seal :thumbsup:

23-04-2011, 09:38
Thanks for that Paul, much appreciated mate. :thumbsup:
Glad the replacement should be fairly simple, had a right laugh getting the box out and in again on my own, on the driveway. Thank goodness for cargo straps!