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12-02-2009, 16:27
I know most of you chaps probably aren't interested in the Mk3, but, for those that might be interested, I've copied and pasted over from ROC, a post from Monkey Wrench Racing in the US showing a dyno of a built 1zz engine that they have dyno'd. I'm not sure how much this would cost in the UK, but the figures are pretty imprssive for an NA, especially when you consider the humble origins of the original lump.
I can see a few Roadster owners going for these.
Anyway, have a look:-

I build a lot of ZZ engines but the majority tend to be 2ZZ. It's nice when every now and then I'm asked to do something a little different and that's what has happened here. MWR was asked to build a strong, reliable, streetable NA 1ZZ engine with the maximum possible output. Here's what I came up with:

(standard notes apply- torque is on a different scale so the lines do not cross at 5250 and the torque curve looks lumpy despite being between 130 and 153 wtq from 3000-7400 which is remarkably flat. Measured on a Dynapack dyno which reads similarly to a Dynojet. Stock 1ZZ's typically register 117-118whp or so on this unit)

- We now offer a 2.75" or 3" short cold air intake for the MR2-S, it works with the 1ZZ or 2ZZ. When I put the 3" unit on this car it picked up 8-9hp over the 1ZZ AEM CAI that was on it though the old air filter was pretty dirty so I don't claim everyone will see that increase. PFC is required since the larger tube throws off the air meter signal scaling. We now have a good base map for this configuration so that can be preloaded in PFCs.


- The engine is built to run on 91 octane and be driven daily. If someone wants to run 93-94 octane, E85, race gas, whatever then we can definitely push the compression ratio higher and get more power.

- MWR rods were used to ensure revving to 8k+ would be reliable.

- The Crower stage 3 cams work great. Midrange punch is strong, idle is ok, top end is fantastic. MWR valves, springs and Ti retainers keep valve motion under control to 8k+ and improve flow.

- The port work on this head worked great. We've fine tuned our porting especially on the 1ZZ head and now port them specifically to suit the 82mm bore.

- We've now done this 1zz spyder header a few times and it has worked great. Currently looking at making a batch of them.

- Circuitworx oil pump and Moroso oil pan keep the oil system working great in all conditions.

I'm happy with the results. The torque is fantastic and blows away any 2ZZ short of a built stroker. Like I mentioned, higher compression could push power output even higher. We are also working on a prototype intake manifold that could provide a significant improvement as well. 185 is great but more is always better of course. For now I'm happy with a ~77hp increase at the crankshaft. 215hp at the crank from a lowly 1ZZ!

12-02-2009, 17:29
with room for improvement on 97ron pump fuel too..

12-02-2009, 17:33
Tis a very nice build and tune for 1800 cc NA but....

going by their shop prices it's cost the owner more than 6000 dollars just in parts (excluding labor costs), and that's not including things like the cost of the cams.

You could get yourself another mk3 & another v6 for that sorta money lol :driving:

12-02-2009, 18:45
That is a good point. Interesting what can be done though, especially with the 1zz as a starting point.

12-02-2009, 19:38
Ocht, an i thought this was gonna cost 500 lol

12-02-2009, 20:14
yes but think what engine you could buy for $6000! or car for that matter, i still want to put a ls2 v8 in a mx5 or rx7

12-02-2009, 22:03
V8 MX5=Yum!

Great figures but surely its cheaper/more powerful just to bolt on a C2 power turbo kit?

12-02-2009, 23:04
It probably is - but it's different, and we like that!

Bet it's a pig on the road and a hoot on the track!

13-02-2009, 08:09
I think it is born from a track orientated idea. I don't think its particularly good below 3000rpm.
V8= nice MX5= ugh!

13-02-2009, 09:17
They dont even show the dyno below 3000rpm - cant be too proud of the figures down there then :P

13-02-2009, 09:57
Probably struggling to deliver any torque there!

13-02-2009, 15:11
I thinks that's the wildness of the cams they use to produce the figures higher up.

22-04-2012, 21:08
You kept this quiet nige. It also gives me ammo as i knew my engine could do more.

22-04-2012, 21:13
Probably struggling to deliver any torque there!

power delivery on torque mine stops at 7 and it is a train to that point. Only time it not is below about 1500 rpm.

23-04-2012, 07:42
I think yours could do more Rich. I would have more confidence in it too, as it wasn't put together by MWR! (I've seen two that were and wasn't impressed.)
I didn't hide the article matey, LOL, as it came from ROC in the first place.
Be interesting to see what you can do with yours. I'm itching to see it with that supercharger fitted. :)

23-04-2012, 08:31
Never seen that on roc and I spend hours on there lol. Well the charger is fitted. Its now just refit of everything so not far away. My only problem is I still need an ecu, nearly had one. However I might run NA and give unichip another chance to wind me up whilst I wait to get the proper ecu.

11-07-2013, 19:02
I think that example was running off an Apexi PFC, which is a standalone ecu and probably slightly better for this sort of thing than a piggy back.

Paul Woods
11-07-2013, 19:03
It's very impressive all the same, MWR do some awesome work.